TGS 19: Hatsune Miku Coming To Nintendo Switch

TGS 19: Hatsune Miku Coming To Nintendo Switch

I’m a massive Hatsune Miku fan and have played her various rhythm games on the PS Vita, PS4 and 3DS and now, Switch owners will get a turn as well.

The game has the title of *ahem* Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix and is a game worthy of its title. It features songs from the past decade plus a swag of new songs making the grand total of over 100 songs to play through!

There looks to be an arcade mode, multiplayer mode and a single joy con mode where you can wave the joy con to on screen beat signals. You’ll also be able to make your own playlists and watch the videos whenever you like.

Featuring over 300 outfits which allow you thousands of customisation options, Project DIVA Mega Mix hits Japan in February 2020 and it’ll also be showing in the West sometime after. Hopefully not too long after Japan. Checkout the announcement trailer below!

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