Nintendo Live 2019

Nintendo Live 2019

Nintendo Live just wrapped up in Japan and by all accounts turned out to be a successful event with many fans and families turning up to see what the House of Mario is releasing in the near future.

With the recent Typhoon Hagibis hitting Japan, the event looked set to be cancelled but as luck would have it, the storm didn’t make landfall where the two day event was being held. Kyoto was hosting the event which ran off from 13-14th of October , 2019. Some events were cancelled unfortunately but this year saw the 5th Splatoon Koshien Kinki Area Tournament, the Super Mario Maker 2 “Play as King” Final Battle, the 2nd National Elementary School Smash Bros. Group Tournament Kyoto Tournament and the Smash Bra SP Japan Championship just a sample of the tournaments being run during the two days.

As the event has only just finished, there isn’t a whole lot of information out yet just tidbits here and there however, Nintendo Japan have released two videos from the event which looked amazing!
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