Shibuya Imposes No Drinking Rule For NYE

If you’re in Japan right now and were looking forward to partying in the Shibuya streets with an Asahi and a kanpai, you’re going to have to put those plans on hold.

Shibuya has been seen as a popular party spot with it’s many bars, nightclubs and non stop plethora of events happening at any time of the week. New Year’s Eve look set to be no different with the news that the famous Shibuya scramble street crossing is going to be closed for a huge street party to see in the new year, much like they did for Halloween.

On December 31st, the street will be closed from 9PM until 2AM from local traffic enabling party revellers to join in on the many parties. As with many public events, the area will be policed by Tokyo’s finest with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police keeping an eye on events and also implementing a strict no alcohol policy during the street closure. The ban will last from 6PM until 5AM on December 31st into January 1st, 2020.

To further help this along, the police are asking all the local stores to ban the sale of alcohol during this period.

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