Neon Genesis Evangelion Coming to Karaoke in Japan

Neon Genesis Evangelion Coming to Karaoke in Japan

Can’t get enough Evangelion action and love singing the theme song at the top of your lungs until your neighbours threaten legal action? This one’s for you.

Joysound Max Go units have been installed in various karaoke bars around Japan which will allow karaoke stars to watch episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion in between rounds of singing themselves hoarse. At launch there will only be eps 1 and 2 starting on January 28, 2020 while February will see episodes 5 and 6.

Episodes 8 and 9 will show up from March 27 while April will see episodes 19 and 24 making an appearance. The eps will all have an introduction during their 40 minute run time.

So if you’re stuck in Tokyo and have missed your last train, hit up one of the 24 hour karaoke bars with all you can eat and drink to keep that party going! Just don’t forget to thrown a bit of this into the mix:

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