Screenshots For Project Diva Megamix

We recently posted some info and a video about Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Megamix on the Nintendo Switch. Today we have a gallery of screenshots! Catch them inside.

Sega updated their site with no less than 12 screenshots from the upcoming rhythm game. Those of you familiar with the Project Diva games should feel right at home as the interface looks very familiar to past entries from this series.

Here’s a boatload of information about the game and the different modes/features:


– Practice rhythm game parts
– By selecting “Practice Start” in the song selector, you can play any part from the rhythm game repeatedly
– By using this feature, you can master the parts of a song that you are not good at
– In “Start Time Settings,” you can freely set the song’s practice start point
Adjust the song start point during gameplay, as well as restart with the press of a button


– Check results such as your scores and completion rate, as well as staff credits


– Check scores, completion rate, and more in your “Results” and “Stats”
– Personal Bests: Displays your best score per song
– Song Clear Stats: Displays your scores, average clear percentages by difficulty, and game modifier information
– Information: View added song difficulties, playtime, modules owned, and more


– The series’ mainstay “Tutorial” feature returns
– Learn at any time how to play with the unique slide and hold controls of “Arcade Mode,” as well as the basic controls of the new “Mix Mode”

Game / Control Configuration

– Freely change the button settings used for the melody and slide icons that appear in Arcade Mode
– You can even set the same icon to multiple buttons
– Simultaneous pressing (two, three, or four presses) of the melody icon can be set to one button each (for example, pressing ZL can be set to be equivalent to pressing all four arrow buttons)
– This is useful for those who are not good at pressing buttons simultaneously
– For Mix Mode, you can turn “on” or “off” a support feature that allows you to earn points even while pressing buttons, as well as adjust settings like combo display position and cursor sensitivity.

Thanks to Nintendo Everything for the information.

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