Pokemon Home Revealed

Pokemon Home Revealed

A new way to store your Pokemon and swap them around from the cloud has been announced and is coming soon. Details inside.

Pokémon Home, the upcoming cloud-based service which allows users to swap Pokemon in and out of several games has just been announced by the Pokemon Company.

Utilising both mobile and Nintendo Switch platforms, the service will be tied into your existing Nintendo Network account meaning you’ll be be able to see the contents of your Pokemon boxes across both devices. A service like this unfortunately doesn’t come free but there are a couple of pricing levels available.

Currently at release, the Nintendo Switch version will offer support for the following games: Pokemon Sword/Shield, Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee! Pokemon Go support is coming in the future sometime.

The flowchart above shows hows the Pokemon can be swapped around between Sword/Shield and Home. Of interest though is how Pokemon from the Let’s Go series can’t be transferred back to their respective games once you transfer them to Home. The service will also utilise the current Pokemon Bank platform on the 3DS.

The version of Home on your mobile will allow you to exchange Pokemon with users around the world through the use of the Wonder Box without having to actually be in the app while the GTS component will let you set specific criteria about which Pokemon you want to swap with, with other users, a matchmaking of sorts. There will also be a Friend Trade which lets you swap Pokemon with users who have be come friends with you while Room Trade give you the ability to create a room and swap Pokekon with other people in that room.

Moving onto pricing, there will be both a free and Premium level. The Premium level has a few pricing options as outlined; $2.99 for 30 days, $4.99 for 90 days and $15.99 for an annual subscription. Refer to the image below for the different options available.

The Pokemon Company has also revealed that Pokemon will also be registered to the National Pokedex while Mega Evolutions and Gigantax forms will have separate entries.

Pokemon Home looks to be launched in February, 2020 so it isn’t too far now. What do you think of these news? Let us know if this is something you’ll be using.

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