Cheesecake Draws Inspiration From Monet

Cheesecake Draws Inspiration From Monet

A baker in Japan has taken isolation to new levels by designing a cheesecake featuring a work created by iconic artist, Monet.

Twitter user and clearly very talented baker, Kanan8582, used the Monet piece featuring a Japanese pond in Gifu prefecture as his inspiration.

Here is the famous Monet painting used as a basis for the cheesecake:

The painting is part of a series by the famous painter known as Monet’s Water Lillies series.

The cheesecake component forms the bottom half of the cake while the exquisitely designed top half, Monet’s Lake, features a lake vista complete with a couple of Koi fish. The top half features rosemary, floral accents and some thyme “grass” to complete something delicious that looks too good to eat.

The Koi were made with pura chocolate also known as plastic chocolate which is safe to eat. It derives its name from the fact that it’s highly mouldable and easy to craft into the desired shape.

How good does that look?
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