Lego NES Coming In August

Lego NES Coming In August

A playable Lego NES? Sounds too good to be true!

LEGO and Nintendo have teamed up for an exciting collaboration that will no doubt sell out very quickly. Coming on August 1st will be LEGO NES which you assemble yourself along with a TV and controllers that plug into the LEGO console.

As you can imagine, this kind of collectible has a price tag to match as it’s showing up as $349.99 on the LEGO site. No word on whether you can pre-order which is a shame but get your credit cards ready come August 1st and until then, enjoy this reveal video which funnily enough doesn’t have any sound…until it does.

There’s also an extra add on you can purchase separately in the form of a Mario module which plugs into the top of the LEGO television set and provides sound!

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