Shinjuku & Tokyo Stations Celebrate Super Mario’s 35th Anniversary

Shinjuku & Tokyo Stations Celebrate Super Mario’s 35th Anniversary

Leave it to Japan to celebrate an icon’s anniversary in a unique way.

Tokyo and Shinjuku train stations have joined in the celebrations for the 35th anniversary of Super Mario by decking out both stations with colourful posters and fun displays.

The event is called “Super Mario Play! Tokyo!” If you happen to find yourself in Tokyo now, you might want to wander past the East exit at Shinjuku station where you’ll find box art chronicling Mario’s humble 8 bit beginnings all the way through to more modern outings.

Meanwhile if you’re exiting at Tokyo station, the second floor will be hosting a mural featuring Mario and the other characters from his universe. That can be found at the Yaesu exit of the station.

There’s also a stamp rally where you can visit one of the 35 participating stations taking part, allowing you to win special Nintendo merchandise. If you manage to get to five stations, you’ll receive a sticker set, after 15 stations you’ll receive a card case. However if you visit all 35 stations, you’ll receive a Mario clock. For this event, the “stamps” will actually be a QR code at each station which you scan with your smartphone.

October 8th see the “Super Mario Play! Tokyo!” event kick off while the QR code stamp rally and the display at JR Shinjuku station wrap up on December 17th. The mural at Tokyo station will be disappearing earlier on November 23rd.

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