About this blog

First off, thanks for taking the time to read this page, much thanks to you!! First off, I’m Cristian or known as Japandaman due to my love of everything Japanese! From the people to neighbourhoods to the cultures and sub-cultures and everything that makes Japan unique. I have a background in IT and among my schedule of working at the BOM, I’m also the producer and co-host of the Japanese Pop Culture TV show It’s Japan, Man!

This started off as a space for me and the random things I saw around me but it’s grown and changed to encapsulate not just things around me but me in general. From my Otaku love to making music mixes and creative writing, I thought I’d share my life with the rest of the world through this blog. Not saying I lead a life worth reading about but lately it has been interesting and I can only hope that it keeps growing from there.

So you’re here now so take a look around, from my Japan pics to things that I like to blog about, have a wander and a read. Hope you find something, anything interesting and leave a comment where you can and tell your friends about it too please 🙂

Thanks 🙂