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Play FFXIII-2 In Advance

FFXIII-2 will be playable at TGS in September but a few lucky gamers will be able to get their hands on it and play it before the TGS crowds. Square Enix will be inviting 40 lucky gamers to their HQ in Shinjuku to play the demo and receive an introduction from the development team…that’s pretty sweet for sure 🙂 The event will take place on September 10th and will occur over two different times during the day. The first event will be between 12:00 – 14:30 while the second meeting will be taking place between 15:00 – 17:30 with each group consisting of 20 lucky gamers. If you’re going to be in Japan during this time and want to throw your hat in the ring for a chance, then check out the Square Enix members site for details. You have until August 24th to register your interest. The site is in Japanese but Google Translate does wonders for it 🙂

Square Enix Members site

Kingdom Hearts 3D Playable @TGS

Square Enix today revealed their lineup of quality titles for this year’s Tokyo Game Show. On the cards in playable form will be a couple of games that as yet haven’t seen a demo. Those two games are Kingdom Hearts 3D and Theatrhythm, both for the Nintendo 3DS. Final Fantasy Versus XIII, will unfortunately be a no show, however Assassin’s Creed Revelation, Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Final Fantasy Type-0 will also all be in playable forms. As well as the demos, SE plans on having their Open MegaTheatre showcasing all the brilliant titles with the usual array of stunning cinematics. The anticipation for Kingdom Hearts 3D, in particular, has reached fever pitch with hardly any footage being seen up until this point so TGS will be a great launching pad for SE to shift the hype machine into overdrive. Whispers suggest that Theatrhythm will be out early next year while marking the first title to be released celebrating the 25th anniversary for Final Fantasy. All in all, it’s so far shaping up to be an exciting year for Tokyo Game Show 🙂

World Cosplay Summit Winners

I earlier posted about the World Cosplay Summit taking place on the weekend just past…well now…we have a winner or winners, really. The international winners are Monica and Mauricio Olivas of Brazil for their outstanding effort in bringing the world of Final Fantasy to life. Second was Italy with cosplayers dressed as Sugar Sugar Rune and in third place was China with their amazing costumes from Dynasty Warriors 6. The brother and sister team from Brazil previously won the event in 2006 making this the second time for them and the third time overall for Brazil.

There’s some pics below and the below the gallery, the link to the whole gallery from the Japan site.

Full gallery of pics from the World Cosplay Summit

Suda51’s Latest Will Be For Free

Eponymous Japanese games designer, Suda51, has teamed up with the brains behind the Metal Gear franchise, Hideo Kojima, to bring forth a radio drama called Sdatcher. Sdatcher will be based on seminal cult classic, Snatcher, released way back in 1988 in Japan for the NEC PC-8801 and the MSX2 systems. It was revealed today that the show will be given away for nix, naught, zero, zilch…nada! Production is steamrolling ahead with clear date for release as yet but Kojima did announce, via Twitter, that he also plans to release it for free at a later date after completion as well. How they plan to make any money off this is still a mystery however Kojima also mentioned a few tidbits of info regarding the sound of the drama. Kojima is after a progressive 70’s rock fused with an 80’s electro pop sound. Not too sure how that will go down but if anyone can pull off anything that bizarre, it’ll definitely be Kojima and Suda51.

World Cosplay For Japan Quake

Recently China, Malaysia, Mexico and the Netherlands sent representatives from the World Cosplay Summit to the Japanese Foreign Ministry. The aim was to show support for the victims and families of the quake that devastated Japan on March 11 and the followup tsunami that destroyed entire villages.



Through  Mainichi Daily News, the following article was posted:

Deng Yaqian, a Chinese representative who was dressed as a character in the sci-fi animation “Macross Frontier,” quoted a Chinese saying that good things happen after a natural disaster. “Hang in there with courage,” she said.

Diana De Mol of the Netherlands, who was in a costume resembling a character from the Japanese comic and animation “Fullmetal Alchemist,” said, “I was really shocked to see images from your earthquake. I was really worried about my cosplay friends in Japan.”

She expressed admiration for the strength of Japanese people “to build everything up again” and said, “Japan did really a great job.”

TV Aichi were the sponsors of the worldwide cosplay competition with the finals to be held this weekend just gone past, winners will posted shortly!

Comic-Con Cosplay Part 3-1

Welcome to the last, well almost last, installment of the Comic-Con cosplay I’ve been posting. People are liking it and the site stats reflect that so thank you to all the Otakus. Now I said almost the last installment as I’ve been able to locate more pics than usual and just so the gallery doesn’t become too cluttered, I’m going to be breaking it this final section into two posts. Without further ado, enjoy the pics! Snake looks pretty cool as does Morrigan 🙂

Comic-Con Cosplay Part 1

Welcome to Part One of the cosplay shenanigans that have been occurring the past week over at the latest Comic-Con in San Diego. There are some great creations in there from FF Lightning to classic Nintendo favourites and current gen characters from various PS3 and Xbox 360 games. Have a good look through these as I’ll be putting up parts 2 and 3 later on during the week to make sure all the great eye catching cosplayers have been featured!




Comic-Con Update

Comic-Con has just kicked off proceedings in San Diego with its Preview Night making Thursday the official first day of the convention. Famed Metal Gear Solid creator, Hideo Kojima, is there and via his Twitter feed has already started posting some snaps of the event. Check the gallery below.

The first snap is Kojima-San with Yoji Shinkawa, Shinkawa-San being the mechanical designer from both the Metal Gear and the Zonf of the Enders series. Next up is Hideo with a cosplayer dressed as Eva. Third are the gang from Mega64 who do parodies of games on their site and once did a hilarious Metal Gear parody guest starring Kojima-San. Fourth is the impressive mecha from Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch movie that dealt serious damage and just looked cool. And lastly we have Kojima-San with Yuji Horii, a game designer made famous by being the brains behind the Dragon Quest series amongst others.

That’s all for today, hopefully Kojima-San will keep posting the pics, I’ll keep putting the cool ones here for you and for future reference, you too can follow Hideo Kojima’s Twitter feed here.