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SAO Kirito Comes To Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax

Exciting fighting arcade game, Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax, has just had a fan favourite added to its roster.


Kirito from hugely popular anime, Sword Art Online, has been added as a playable character to the arcade game. Sword moves such as Dark Repulser, Elucidator plus more will be included in the game. He’ll also be able to dual wield his weapons, he joins previously added SOA character, Asuna who was first added when news of the game first released. Get yourself a better look with the trailer below, the game will be hitting arcades Japanese arcades in March 2014.

Initial D Arcade Begins Testing

Hang around some of the gaming arcades in Japan and you might see the next entry in a popular driving series. Initial D: Arcade Stage 8 Infinity will be installed in a couple of arcades around Japan.

Initial arcade 2

Specifically on the 18th and 19th of January in Osaka and in Tokyo. This new game will incorporate a D Coin function for upgrading and obtaining special parts and a new Factory mode. Here are some screens from the new one.

Goth Loli Marie Rose Coming In The Spring

One of the more exciting things to be hitting the arcade version of Dead of Alive 5 Ultimate is the inclusion of Goth Loli fighter, Marie Rose. We recently posted some footage of her in action from the arcade version which left people wondering if she was coming to the home version.

marie gl 1

Tecmo Koei have announced that Marie Rose will be coming to the home console in the Spring via an update in early February. The update will patch the current 1.04 version which will bring new features address some bug fixes. Producer Yosuke Hayashi has confirmed that the update will be coming to the Xbox 360 and the PS3 version. He also revealed that the free version of the game has been downloaded 800,000 times from the Playstation Network.

Is it just me, or would Marie Rose make an awesome cosplay as well?

Footage Of Goth Loli Marie Rose In Action

We’ve already seen more than a handful of pics from Marie Rose, the latest combatant in Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate. We know she’s partial to the Japanese Goth Loli fashion and also that she favours a Russian style of combat. But how does she actually look when she’s in action?

marie gl 2
Watcha looking at?

The footage below comes off screen from the arcade version, hence why it’s a little grainy. But check out Marie Rose! She’s got some serious skills all the while looking more than a little kawaii.

New Lolita Character for Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate is gearing up for the introduction of a new character and it’s something a bit unexpected. The new character is a female fighter called Marie Rose who also happens to dress in the Gothic Lolita fashion unique to Japan. Somewhere in an arcade in Japan this weekend, the game is being tested with Marie making her debut as a test entry to see how she fares with Japanese gamers. Here’s a clip to see what gamers will be in store for.

Using a fighting style from the military called Systema, Marie also lists the Swedish treat Princess Cake as her favourite food. She also likes a good scare by watching scary films and likes to sew. On the exterior, she come across as bubbly but another persona lurks under the surface. Courtesy of Famitsu, here are some amazing pictures of the Goth Lolli, Marie Rose.

[AFG_gallery id=’349′]

And here’s a couple of pics of the new stage made for Marie.

F1 driver rips it up on Mario Kart arcade

World famous F1 Red Bull driver, Sebastian Vettel, was recently in Japan for the Grand Prix which takes place in the Mie Prefecture. The event takes place over three days and during some down time, he headed into Tokyo ton unwind and have some fun. And what better way to do so than to hit up an arcade and play a few rounds of Mario Kart arcade?

vettel 1

The workers at the arcade were thrilled when they realised they had a racing celebrity in their midst. Needless to say, there was someone on hand to film the occasion and upload it to YouTube. Vettel took some time out to greet some fans, have a few words with the locals and also partake in some Taiko no Tatsujin.

vettel 2


Here are some of the comments from the people who were lucky enough to be in attendance.

Hunh, I never knew before, but he’s pretty handsome.

Seeing a superstar in a game arcade is just too surreal.

He was using Yoshi! Well, I’m using Yoshi from now on, too!

I’m glad to see him enjoying Japan!

The way he places his hands on the wheels is just like a pro.

Dance like AKB48 in Dance Evolution

Do you happen to love J-Pop super girl group, AKB48, and can’t get enough of them to the point when you even learn the dance routines? Not that much, never mind as now thanks to Konami, that reality is one step closer.

dance evolution cabinet

Konami had earlier on released the dancing game, Dance Evolution, which was Kinect enabled and now it’s making the transition to arcades with the release of a game cabinet. The game will also use the Kinect sensor from the Microsoft Xbox 360 platform and will feature the track, “The Fall In Love Fortune Cookie in Love”. The in game clip will also feature the identical choreography as seen in the clip and you’ll be able to dress your in game avatar with the same threads the girls wear.

Hatsune Miku slides into the arcades

Hatsune Miku has recently been making waves for appearing in a new rhythm based game for the Nintendo 3DS and the Sony PS3 following a stellar turnout on the PS Vita.

Now we hear that the fun will continue into the arcades when Hatsune makes her presence known in the game, Hatsune Miku Project Diva Arcade Future Tone. Naturally being an arcade game, this version will have a higher polygon count and far more detailed textures in-game.

hatsune arcade 1 hatsune arcade 2

But easily one of the biggest changes to the gameplay has been the inclusion of the slide panels on the arcade cabinet itself. The touch panels correspond to a panel on the screen so when you see a matching note, you hit the correct panel. The arcade game will be road tested in Club Sega Akihabara this weekend so if you’re in town, go and check it out.

The Summer Streets Of Akihabara

Just some more pics from prolific Japan pop culture blogger, Danny Choo, of the Otaku streets of Akihabara during the sweltering season that is Summer. I can’t get enough of these pics and love Akihabara for the tech, the amazing swag that you can only pick up there and just the people attracted to this amazing please.

Can’t wait to be back there, very soon!

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Dragon Ball Heroes Goes From Arcade To 3DS

Namco Bandai have confirmed that one of their arcade hits from 2010, Dragon Ball Heroes, is making the transition to the portable world and will be appearing on the Nintendo 3DS.

The full title is Dragon Ball Heroes Ultimate Mission and will see the 3DS play host to a story mode, a new wireless mode and more exciting will be the ability to connect it to the arcade version of the game.

Released in 2010, the game was a card based affair and the 3DS version will see it containing over 800 cards with 200 different warriors. All we know so far is that you’ll be able to control your deck of five cards using your stylus and there’s a possible release date of Winter.