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Summer In Shibuya

We’ve been following Japanese blogger, Danny Choo‘s Summer in Japan series and now it’s time for another installment. This time the spotlight falls on the mecca that is shopping, Shibuya.

With the world famous scramble crossing which is the busiest in the world to everyone’s favourite dog Hachiko to the epicentre trademark building, Shibuya 109, there’s something here for everyone. Best place in Shibuya in my opinion, grab a cool latte during Summer and take a seat on the second floor of the extremely popular Starbucks and watch the world go past.

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Initial D Arcade Stage 7 AA X Leads Sega’s Arcade Charge

Sega recently held their annual summer arcade private show where they reveal new arcade cabinets that will be making an appearance in the coin operated arcades.

One of the big names to make an appearance was Initial D Arcade Stage 7 AA X which was shown to be featuring two new tracks which brings it all up to 14 courses. They also showed off the 7 new cars which will be added to the roster rounding off the car count to 43 different speed machines.

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This latest Initial D arcade machine will be making an appearance sometime later this year in Japan.

Arcades Receive New Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4

I was just looking at this arcade cabinet last night at a shopping centre, can’t remember which version it was, and now I read that the latest one has hit the arcades. This wouldn’t be something I normally blog about but the visuals on the cabinet and the actual game caught my eye. I rarely play or venture into arcades anymore but I’d be willing to give this a try!

This system is really innovative with the ability to create a custom car and driver and upload your creation to a server for other racers to challenge. It also incorporates the ‘Revenge System’ where if your best time is beaten in a race, the game will issue a challenge to you allowing you to claim revenge against him or her.



The cabinet will be shipping with a 32″ monitor, 4.1 surround sound, customising your car will be done via a separate terminal and support for the Banapassport Card system will be built in. as well as all that, the game will be network ready meaning that new cars and courses will be available for download by the arcade operator…way cool.

Trailer below which looks jaw dropping gorgeous!