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Gamer Girl – Hylia Fawkes Pt. II

It’s time for a Gamer Girl update and believe me when I tell you that this girl’s previous post still continues to be one of the most hit up pages on It’s the return of Hylia Fawkes aka Hylia Suicide! Hylia is a bonafide serious gamer girl with a massive collection of current gen consoles and past retro ones as well. And her massive game library is chockful of AAA titles which she regularly streams on Twitch and is also very prolific across all her social media channels. Enjoy the gallery below and as usual, social media links are below.






Gamer Girl – Jazz

Time for a Gamer Girl update and it’s the return of a Japandaman favourite. Jazz was the first Gamer Girl we featured and now she makes a welcome return! Just in case you missed her the first time we featured her, here’s a look at that. Apart from being a Playstation gamer, having some amazingly awesome tatts, loving Japan and Star Wars, today (May the 4th) is her birthday! So make sure you swing past her instagram, give her a follow and wish her Happy Birthday!! Enjoy her new gallery below 🙂

Gamer Girl – Sithis.X

Time for a Gamer Girl update! And this time around the newest GG on is Sithis.X, a UK based Playstation gamer who is also a student studying Psychology with Cognitive Neuroscience…yowzers! She’s a Suicide Girl hopeful so fingers crossed for her too! She was absolutely awesome in allowing me to feature her on here so please enjoy the gallery below and check out her out on Instagram with the link below the pics!



Gamer Girl – Steph Zombie

It’s been a little while since the last GG update so let’s get the ball rolling with the latest Gamer Girl to grace, please meet Steph Zombie! Steph is some one I’ve been following who happens to be an Irish internationally published model & Official Suicide Girl and she’s also a gamer, cosplayer with a passion for zombies, villains and comics! Check out the gallery below and as always, links to Steph Zombie below the pics.



Suicide Girls


Gamer Girl – Hylia Suicide

Our latest Gamer Girl is from Victoria with a passion for games both Playstation and Xbox. Hylia Suicide is a Victorian based alt model, Suicide Girl, cosplayer and a passionate gamer. With some of the best gaming tattoos I’ve ever seen, this is one GG who stands out. She’s also on Twitch streaming the latest games so make sue you catch her on that. I’ve included links to her social media below the gallery. And congrats to Hylia Suicide!







Gamer Girl – Jazz

Let’s kick things off for this new Gamer Girl segment with someone I’ve been following for a few years now on Instagram. Jazz Milczenie Baranow is a 27 year old Polish girl living in Germany. She loves gaming (duh), tattoos, Japan, art, Star Wars, music and horror movies. So many boxes ticked right there!

Her posts are witty, funny, amusing and always very cool! I’ve included a few pics below and a link to her IG page which you should check out and follow!

Instagram Page: Jazz

New Segment Coming Soon – Gamer Girls

Hey everyone, just a quick update to let you all know that I’ll be introducing a new segment to the site very soon called Gamer Girls. It’ll be a little section on the sidebar where I highlight girls who like to game and for many reasons are also very cool and definitely worth checking out and following on social media. Apart from posting the pic on the site, I’ll also be doing a share with my Instagram which will have the links to their Instagram account as well.

Just to give you a taste, here’s a teaser of the first GG I’ll be posting up very soon for the new segment!



And if you want to be featured or if you know someone that should be featured, please drop me a line to blog (at) 🙂