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The NGP begins to beckon…

Any Sony fanboy or girl will have heard by now of the latest offering from Sony, the successor to the PSP, will be the PSP2 or as it’s being called, the NGP (Next Generation Portable). Now I wouldn’t say I’m a fanboy but Sony does fill a void that Nintendo doesn’t quite fill and that being the space for the hardcore gamer with realistic graphics and things getting blown up. I’ve owned all iterations of the PSP including the Go but was less than thrilled when I saw the size of the NGP…it’s currently bigger than a PSP3000, ie. BIG! And yes it does push around a bucket load of polygons and pixels and shading coming out the whazoo but I was expecting more than just fancier graphics, 2 touchscreens and 3G access…I might be just a little picky here? The price of all this technological wonder hasn’t been mentioned yet but knowing Australia, it will involve selling our other kidney to buy it when it eventually arrives. But I digress (yes I do digress), the point that I was making was that unless there was a change to the size or the eventual price, I had zero interest in picking one up at launch…until I saw theΒ  video for Uncharted running on the NGP and the recent news that indicate Nathan Drake’s portable outing would be taking place before the PS3 adventures? A chance to see how and why Drake became the man he is and does what he does?

SOLD! The only thing remaining to clear will be the price barrier but hopefully the upcoming E3 will yield some answers on that grey area. E3 is 2 weeks away so hopefully any nuggets of information won’t be too far away πŸ™‚

And if that wasn’t enough…just a reminder of what else we can expect from the NGP πŸ™‚

3DS eShop delayed :(

I was really really really looking forward to the Nintendo 3DS update, you know, the one that would have included the web browsing capability and more importantly, the eShop as I wanted to get my mitts on some classics that I should have played years ago but never did. And thanks to the 3DS I was finally going to get that opportunity…dismay central however as the update, which was due to hit the interwebs sometime in May, has now been confirmed as June 6 πŸ™ I’ve literally been counting the days til we reached May and now that it’s here…it was all for naught πŸ™ For the handful of you out there who don’t know what an eShop is *clears throat and posts from IGN*, “The shopping interface is officially known as the “Nintendo eShop.” Similar to the current Wii Shopping Channel and DSi Shopping Channel, you’ll access this to make downloadable game purchases. As previously detailed, the shop will also offer demos and video downloads.”

One cool aspect that has been shown are the 3DS prepaid cards much like we have now for the Wii and the PSN (yes, the same one that has been offline for 22 days and counting).

At the moment these cards seem to be relegated to the US but no doubt these will show up on our shores after the eShop launch πŸ™‚

So pencil that date in…June 6!!

More Resident Evil goodness…

First the awesome news of Dream Trigger coming to the 3DS now more better news in the form of Resident Evil Mercenaries. A new character has just been added but more importantly, it now has a release date, granted it’s a US date but the PAL regions won’t be far off πŸ™‚ So first things first, the new character is Rebecca Chambers, who is a member of the STARS Bravo team. Rebecca first appeared in the original Resident Evil and along the way has played a cameo in some of the other titles.


Rebecca Chambers

Rebecca also made a welcome appearance in Resident Evil 5’s Mercenaries Gold Edition so it’s fitting that she’s managed to fit into the handheld version.

And a pretty cool trailer complete with gameplay, overacting and a bit of gore…why not?

And to round off this update, the release date that the lucky US gets it on is…June 28! And just when it couldn’t get any better, Mercenaries will be shipping with a demo for Resident Evil Revelations just to up the high expectancy metre through the roof!!

Upcoming 3DS game clips…

A couple of awesome clips hosted by IGN of upcoming 3DS games which look so sweet I can’t begin to describe the excitement I have for both of these especially Dream Trigger which looks absolutely seizure inducing, ie. the shiznit!!! Check the other clip for DOA: Dimensions which is shaping along nicely and will compliment the other fighting game, SSF IV, quite well in the roster of quality games for the 3DS that is slowly building up πŸ™‚

DOA Dimensions

Dream Trigger

The PSP Go is dead, long live the PSP Go!

Well…after a few many rumours, Sony has confirmed the inevitable…the PSP Go will be put to bed by Sony. The digital distribution model just hasn’t worked out for them even though other companies have managed to pull it off quite successfully. So after only 2 years, the Go is been discontinued to focus on the upcoming NGP or PSP2 as the kids are calling it. Nothing will be changing for the PSP 3000 however so fans of the UMD model can breathe a sigh of relief for now anyways. The Go has faced a price drop lately which made it more attractive to buyers but people still sitting on the fence over their decision to buy one would just be better off seeing just how cheap they get. So once store stock is sold, that’s it, they’re gone forever! Seems like only yesterday it launched…

StreetPass Issues

So lately, the last 48 hours, I’d been having various dramas with the StreetPass function on my 3DS. The drama being it suddenly stopped working πŸ™ And now StreetPass is fixed!!

So, I worked out why my StreetPass has been dead for 48 or so hours. I had been playing a DS game, Okamiden, and had that paused…apparently when you leave DS game paused and the lid shut, it negates any of the 3DS’s StreetPass functions! I exited Okamiden and sure enough the green notification light on my 3DS came to life straight away indicating that it had made contact with someone else πŸ™‚

Something to keep in mind I guess πŸ™‚

Resident Evil goodness!!

Apart from Metal Gear Solid, the Resident Evil franchise is my very close second favourite so I was watching news from Captivate this year very closely. So I was excited to see any news about Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. This game looks like introducing a new slant to the existing franchise with a new control scheme…looking very awesome!

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Producer interview

Resident Evil 3DS…mouth wateringly awesome!!

Capcom Captivate has just wrapped up and amongst the many announcements one of the more exciting ones would definitely have to be the new trailer for Resident Evil: The Mercenaries with great new footage including the confirmation that a playable demo of Resident Evil Revelations will be bundled with Mercenaries…can’t wait for this as Mercenaries isn’t due until 2012!! πŸ™ The demo will definitely tide me over until the full release.

For those in the dark about Capcom Captivate, this is a media only event where new games and business announcements are revealed. It used to be called Gamers Day. Anyways, new trailer below πŸ™‚

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries

Resident Evil Revelations