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Unboxing: Snorlax Plush Beanbag

Here’s the unboxing (unwrapping?) of the Snorlax beanbag which is so cute, comfortable and ridiculously cute that I can forgive the price. It’s actually really fit for purpose and doesn’t just look nice, he’s actually really comfortable and I love sitting in this oversized beanbang. If you’re sitting on the fence and unsure of whether to get one or not, you definitely should!

Unboxing: The Last Guardian Limited Edition

I had been waiting for The Last Guardian on any Playstation platform for the longest time, I imagine like a lot other gaming fans as well. When I heard that it was finally being released this year for the PS4, I couldn’t believe it and pre-ordered the limited edition of the collector’s edition anyways. Well, I’m so glad I did as this things is absolutely stunning and totally exceeded my expectations of what I thought I was going to be receiving!