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Video Diary: Lunching on the Shinkansen

Some people may not not know that while eating on the public train system in Japan isn’t the in thing, it’s completely accepted on the shinkansen or bullet train service. Even better, on the train platforms that service the shinkansen are kiosks that sell meals designed for the shinkansen. What this means is that they’re small yet packed full of flavour and yummy goodness!

To get a better idea of what I mean, here’s a video I shot a couple of years ago on the shinkansen showing what my wife and I would be eating on the way to Kyoto.

Video Diary – The Torii & Miyajima Island

Time for another video diary update! Here’s me on a recent trip to Miyajima Island getting all misty eyed after finally making it to the Torii, once of the most iconic sites in Hirsohima. It’s only a short clip but I love that I waited for the tide to go out, just like everyone else, left a coin there for luck and gave it a good pat. And the water was so warm and inviting, it was just beautiful.

Video Diary – Vending Machines In Japan

One thing that Japan has loads of are vending machines, primarily selling drinks but they also sell an assortment of different items as well. There are reported to be one vending machine per twenty people so they’re literally everywhere. One thing that fascinated me before I went to Japan for the first time was watching videos on YouTube of people using and videoing their experiences with these vending machines.

So I decided to make my own video and show the different machines that I found in different parts of Tokyo and also to show what types of drinks you can find in them.

Depending on what time of the year you go, you can find cold drinks, hot drinks or both in different vending machines.

Video Diary – Using The Fare Adjustment Machine

The train system is highly efficient in Japan but it can be confusing and daunting at times especially when you look at a transit map. You’re not alone there though, even the locals sometimes struggle with knowing exactly how much a fare will cost at their destination. Every station has these handy Fare Adjustment machines where you insert your ticket at your destination and it tells you if you’re short on the fare and need to insert more coins to complete your trip. The machine then issues a new ticket with the correct fare and you can exit through the turnstiles. Very handy, right?

Here’s a video of me illustrating how to use the machines and what you need to look out for.

Video Diary – Buying A Train Ticket In Japan

Here’s the first of a few video diaries that I’ve put together from the trips we’ve taken to Japan over the years. This video diary entry shows how easy it is to buy a train ticket to get practically anywhere you want in Japan. We also use Hyperdia for planning trips on the very extensive Japanese rail system. I hope between the video and the Hyperdia site that you’re able to navigate your way around Japan.