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Review: Metal Resistance – BABYMETAL

The Japanese female trio of Su-metal, Moametal and Yuimetal known as BABYMETAL are back with a new J-Rock offering for 2016, Metal Resistance. Straight off the bat, this album is amazing! I’m not one for too much rock or metal but this blend of rock, metal, pop and kawaii really hits the spot for me and BABYMETAL do it so well.

This new album is the 2nd studio album for the trio and is headlined by the lead single, “Karate”.

I won’t go over each song and pretend to be a professional music critic, which I’m not, but I’ll say as whole, the album puts out exactly what you’ve come to know about BABYMETAL. It’s loud, fast, rocking and surprisingly at times, very pop oriented and ballad-like. Coming back to the lead single, “Karate”, this is a fantastic stand out track which exemplifies exactly they’re well loved and admired by fans around the world. With their very pop vocals laid over a double drum beat, this song is non stop from start to end with a very pop middle bridge, great stuff.

There were some tracks that I found myself coming back to. The aforementioned “Karate”, “Awadama Fever” which also blend some subtle electronica into the mix, “Amore” which sounds like an anime into track, “No Rain, No Rainbow” which slows down the tempo of the album considerably and sounds more like the ED of an anime and the only English track on the album “The One” which is another track with its share of slow tempo, up beat pop and very 80’s sounding guitar riffs, awesome…loved it. Not to take anything away from the rest of the album but these are the tracks that I found myself coming back to.

This is one group that I would love to see live, this explosive sound is barely contained and would be even better on stage. This album gets 2 thumbs up!


Omakase Hatsune Miku Unboxing Video

I signed up a little while ago for one of those monthly loot type box subscription services. Turns out it was the last one and they were closing the service…just my luck 🙁 Anyways, it was courtesy of an anime streaming site called Viewster who had started the monthly service called Omakase. It was a bi-monthly service with the first month being Kill la Kill, the second month being Naruto and the third and final box being dedicated to Hatsune Miku!

I’m a big fan of Miku and had to sign up on the spot. After a little over 3 weeks, I received the box in the mail and thought I’d do my first ever unboxing video…which you can see below. It wasn’t a bad offering, I was expecting a bit more quality but still can’t complain! Check out the video below.

Perfume Are Back With Flash

I love the J-Pop trio girl group, Perfume. I’m more into K-Pop these days but anytime Perfume have a new release, I always pay attention, like now.

This new video below is the single from a new live action adaptation of Chihayafuru, a manga created by Yuki Suetsugu.

Here’s the album art for the single sleeve which was also drawn by Yuki Suetsugu and looks absolutely amazing.

perfume flash

For those of you into importing your music, this single hits stores on March 16.

Hatsune Miku AR App

I’m a huge fan of Hatsune Miku, probably the most well known vocaloid. I don’t profess to know all her tracks but what I’ve heard, I love.

It’s such a shame that she’s a virtual idol and not a real life person. I mean, who wouldn’t want their picture taken with the blue haired superstar? Well thanks to a new app, now you can. The app is on iOS and Android and is called Miku Picture. So now no matter where you go or what you’re doing, you can snap a picture with Miku chan!

I’d love to see your pics and don’t forget to use the hashtag #Mikuture if you grab a snap!

Source: AFA Channel

Vocaloid IA Celebrates Her Birthday

There are quite a few vocaloids in Japan now and all of them have many fans who like to celebrate them, especially when a momentous occasion rolls around like a birthday. Born in 2012, IA is a female vocaloid3 who draws inspiration from Lia from the visual novel, Air. She’s actually one of the vocaloid’s with the most popularity being the first vocaloid3 to attain 1 million views on video sharing site, NicoNico Dougo.


The special day in question was January 25 which was celebrated with a “IA 3 Anniversary Thank you Party – Live & Talk ~” event. The show saw joined by special guests Nanahoshi Kangengakudan, Watanabei Be( Hoff Dylan), models/electro duo models/electro duo Jumicchi, Ishifuro, TeddyLoid, PolyphonicBranch and DOMINO88. Here’s a video posted from the event by IAPROJECT.


For more info, head on over to

AKB48 Helps To Promote Super Smash Bros In Japan

A new powerhouse from Japan has jumped into the fray to help promote the 3DS launch of Super Smash Bros. Japanese girl group AKB48 features in the new commercial screening on Japanese TV in a cute Mii style. The ad also serves to show exactly how the Miis can be used in the game and what kind of action you can expect from the game when it releases.

Hatsune Miku Shows Up In New PV

Everyone’s favourite blue haired vocaloid has made an appearance in a new PV recently in Japan.  Hachioji-P is a hugely popular vocaloid producer who posted the clip online for “Twinkle World feat. Hatsune Miku”. The clip is to promote his forthcoming third album while the PV itself was directed by Wakamura-P, a well known vocaloid director.

The album, “Twinkle World”, will feature 14 tracks and is set to launch in Japan on August 27th.

“Twinkle World feat. Hatsune Miku” PV

15-second CM

Perfume Show Plans For Third World Tour

Easily Japandaman’s favourite trio of J-Pop girls, Perfume have announced plans regarding their upcoming third world tour. Add to that their 20th single release on July 16 called “Cling Cling” and that all adds up to very busy young ladies. Check out the trailer for the third world tour below and below that you can see which cities have been announced so far. Are they coming to your town?

FRI.,Oct.31 Taiwan Taipei International Convention Center
SUN.,Nov.2 Singapore Resorts World TM Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa

BABYMETAL Reveal Plans For 2014 World Tour

Those kawaii metal rockers, BABYMETAL, have revealed they’re about to undertake a world tour soon in the coming months. Countries so far announced are Germany, UK and France but we’re hoping some are thrown into the mix very soon.


In what could be very interesting, the girls will be sharing the UK stage at the Sonisphere Festival with Metallica, Limp Bizkit and Alice In Chains.

baby metal tour dates