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News for this Highly Anticipated Anime MMORPG Has Fans Excited

An article on, a Korean gaming journalism site, ran an article that reads:

“PC MMORPG; Peria Chronicles, is being developed by ThingSoft and will be released [in Korea] in December.”, also stating that more news is coming in Winter. The article also mentions that ThingSoft will be skipping G-STAR 2017 (the Korean equivalent to e3) this year and won’t be showing anything on Peria Chronicles at that time.

The article can be found here:

Us fans of the beautiful MMORPG aren’t sure whether this means we’ll be getting a closed beta, alpha or the full game, but we’re just happy that we’re finally able to get our hands on it after so many years since it’s announcement as Project NT, even if it is going to be in Korean.

Peria Chronicles boasts a beautiful WindWaker-esc art style and Pokemon-like & Arcade gameplay and is sure to be a hit with MMO fans everywhere.
If you want to keep up to date on news for Peria Chronicles, keep an eye out on!

Kitto Katsu Joins Japandaman As Figure Expert

Kat, or Kitto Katsu, is a prominent member of the Japanese Figure community. A collector since 2012, the size of her collection and her passion for such has grown exponentially. Along with being an Administrator on the massive website or MFC, she also has a YouTube Channel (Kitto Katsu) and is soon to be releasing a couple of podcasts about Anime Figures! Beyond that, she has ever changing unicorn hair and enjoys talking about figures with anyone who will spend the time listening to her (*^¬^*)
She can be found on the internet on Instagram (@kittokatsutsu), Twitter (@kittokatsutsu) and of course MFC (Katto) and YouTube!
Kat is very much looking forward to helping bring the world of figures and emptying wallets to all with Japandaman (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Happy Birthday Shigeru Miyamoto

A great day for the year and for Nintendo fans around the world. In fact, any gaming fan probably owes a lot to the following. It’s Shigeru Miyamoto’s birthday today. The master game designer turns 62 and while he hasn’t been cranking out any games in the meantime, he has been mentoring and training up young game developers over at Nintendo HQ.

shigeru miyamoto

Happy birthday, Miyamoto-san!

First Drive Through Bank For Japan

Seen in other parts of the world and now coming to Japan, the Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank will start offering a drive through bank service to customers commencing on April 15.


The bank, which is situated in Ogaki, Gifu Prefecture, will open the first drive through office offering the same services that are available over the counter with the exception of applying for a loan. They also plan to add two ATM’s as well as charing stations for electric cars. The Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank is known for innovating and leading the way as only last year they introduced the first ATM’s with biometric authentication via a hand scan of the customer’s palm. As well as having to enter a 4 digit pin and date of birth to ensure the security of the customer’s bank account.

Maid Cafe Owner Employed 14 Year Olds, Gets Arrested

Breaking news from the Naniwa Ward in downtown Osaka where we hear that the owner of a popular maid cafe franchise, “Maidream”, has been arrested for employing 14 year olds to work in the cafe. A maid cafe is a place where the attendees are “masters” and the maids wait on them, hand and foot.

The problem stems from the fact that it is illegal to employ a child under 15 years of age according to the Labor Standards Act in Japan and at the time of the incident, the three girls he employed were all aged 14. All three girls attended the same school and the event only came to light after a teacher responsible for student guidance became alerted to the fact and reported the findings to the police after three days. The suspect, aged 61, has owned to the allegations and admitted to the allegations.

The cafe, “Maidream” is situated in Otaroad, a street in the shopping district of Naniwa Ward called Nipponbashi. Otaroad is known as the Osaka equivalent to Tokyo’s Otaku central, Akihabara and is rapidly gaining in popularity amongst fans.

Japanese Police Thwart Potential Osaka Stabbing

Disturbing news today from Osaka, Japan where it was revealed that a 42 year old anime director, Masaki Kitamura was prevented in advance from a potential stabbing attack. On July 29, Tomohiro had gone online and posted the following:  “I will commit a massacre in Otaroad next Sunday. I will ram into pedestrian paradise, and after stabbing indiscriminately with a knife, I will commit suicide.”

Otaroad is Otaku central in the district of Osaka called Nipponbashi, it is an area that it heavily populated by pedestrians all throughout the day. This is extremely similar to the events that unfolded in Akihabara in 2008 when Tomohiro Kato posted online that he was going to launch a rampage on the Otaku central of Tokyo. The main difference is that he went through with it, driving a rented van through the crowd before launching a stabbing spree killing seven people and injuring a further ten.

Luckily, in this instance, the police were able to track the IP address used by Masaki to some high-speed wireless LAN equipment allowing them to swoop on the 42 year old anime director, Masaki Kitamura and placing him under arrest before he was able to carry out his deadly threat. Surprisingly, Kitamura, after being placed under arrest said, “I have zero recollection of doing this.”

Maskai has worked on a number of anime project ranging from Zone of the Enders: IdoloTiger & Bunny (episode director) to Yu-Gi-Oh! (storyboard) as well as Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (storyboard, assistant director, and episode director).

1 Year Anniversary For Japandaman

Regular readers will note that I’ve been at this game now for nearly one year, in fact it’s one year tomorrow on July 10. So, in order to give something back to the community I’ll be making some changes to the site.

The first of which is no secret and has been mentioned here before, that of course is the launch of the Wii U channel at

The other changes are subtle and not so obvious and are in fact already in place, hope your keen eye has picked them out already. But if not, don’t worry, everything will be announced tomorrow!

Thanks to all the Japandamen and Japandawomen who come to the site and make it what it is.

New Channel For Japandaman Dot Com

So it’s been nearly one year since this little blog started and has grown into what it is today, Australia’s Premier Japanese Pop Culture site and we thank you, the readers who make it all worthwhile.

So seeing as the one year anniversary is rapidly approaching, July 10 to be exact, we thought we would give a little something back to the community at large. We know you keep coming back for the latest happenings in Japanese gaming and the latest in Japanese movies, fashion and music news so bearing this in mind we thought we throw our support behind the latest offering, the Wii U, from the house that Mario built, Nintendo of course.

So to this end, we will be launching our very own Wii U channel where we will endeavour to keep presenting the latest Wii U news straight from Japan covering the latest videos, releases, screenshots and more. Where can you find this goodness you ask?

At the moment the site isn’t quite live but there is a gorgeous background with a stunning piece featuring Japandaman’s mascot, Arisu-chan holding a Wii U Gamepad created by our resident Art Editor, Stephanie. So a big thank you to her and don’t forget to keep checking back on the main site, where you are now, and the new Wii U site, in the lead up to the July 10 launch. There may be more offerings appearing in the near future…