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MadFest Brisbane ’18: Why it was the party of the Year!

I know I am jumping the gun by claiming that this event is the ‘Party of the Year’ in June, but that is exactly how I feel, and really still feeling. MadFest Brisbane 2018 has left the greatest impression on me. It was such an incredible convention that because I was so busy having fun, I actually didn’t get much footage. I do have some videos, which gives a little taste of what the event was like.


So I thought I would give my top five moments of MadFest Brisbane..

The Cosplayers

Oh my goodness didn’t Brisbane go all out this year. The amount of cosplayers in comparison to last year was unbelievable. Nearly 70% of the crowd was in cosplay and it was just awesome. I noticed that so many people were going up to other people and complimenting each other on their craft, taking pics and just having fun with it. What was really impressive was how talented people are making these costumes. When it comes to cosplay at a con, Brisbane has really set the benchmark as this being the con to show off and have fun with the cosplay.

The Guests

This to me was one of the big motivations for me to travel across from the other side of the country was indeed the guests. Having J Michael Tatum and Yui Ishikawa as the voice over guests and their entertaining panels/Q&A with the fans was a real treat. Tatum’s panels were hilarious and Ishikawa’s was wonderful. My favourite guests were indeed the cosplay guests, in particular BaoBao, the international cosplay guest who was by far one of the nicest people around. It was fantastic for the fans to be able to meet these guests and have some time interacting with them, particularly Tatum with him participating in the Black Butler fan group photoshoot and BaoBao spending time chatting and interacting with fans.


The Atmosphere.

IT WAS ELECTIRC!! I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome it was. It legitimately felt like we were all at one big party celebrating anime. Everyone was welcoming, friendly and kind to each other. The real party atmosphere happened on Sunday were people were more than happy to get up and dance. The amount of random dance gatherings that just happened with heaps of random people is something I have not seen at a con in well ever. People were making friends, inviting people to join in conversations, looking out for each other, being extremely supportive of dance acts when they were on the stage. For me, I truly hope that this is something that carries over into all the other MadFest events because Brisbane has shown us what fun can be like at a con.

Click here to see some of the random dancing 

The Movie Screenings

Weren’t we all the lucky ones that were able to attend these screenings, in particular Maquia. It was a full house with everyone just there to enjoy the film. There is something about being in a crowd with all anime fans watching a film, there is nothing like it. The screenings have become a real must go to event for me when I attend a MadFest event.

The Hospitality 
The staff and volunteers of MadFest deserve a medal for putting on such an incredible event, making sure that it ran smoothly and according to script. Although we don’t see what is happening behind the scenes, what was delivered to us, the fans was just perfect. Volunteers were kind and very helpful and the staff were more than happy to interact and engage with the patrons.


Anime fans of Australia, there is no excuse anymore. MadFest was an absolute blast, I am still suffering withdrawal from the event and legit counting down the days till September where I can be in Melbourne for the final one of 2018.

Detective Conan Escape Room For Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan are always bringing out new attractions for the people, from Attack On Titan, Harry Potter and heaps more eye opening experiences. Now they’re going to be releasing a series of attractions based on the hugely popular manga, Detective Conan. In fact, there’s three attractions coming to the theme park. One of them is an escape room called “Meitantei Conan the Escape ~Zero no Prelude~” (Detective Conan the Escape: Zero’s Prelude). This escape room experience will also serve an entry to the next forthcoming animated film, Meitantei Conan Zero no Shikkounin (Detective Conan: Zero’s Executioner). The film releases on April 13th so expect to see promotions ramping up very soon.

The 2nd attraction is a special dinner and show for the guests called “Detective Conan Mystery Restaurant”. There’s also a cosplayer dressed as Tooru Amuro who will go around the restaurant and take pictures with the diners.

The third attraction is a “Detective Conan Mystery Challenge,” where attendees will be required to collect stamps that are scattered throughout the theme park. Heiji Hattori will also feature in this adventure that has a mystery theme.

And along with the awesome attractions, USJ is also putting together some themed merchandise and snacks which look really cool.

The event kicks off on 19th January 2018 – 24th June 2018 with the restaurant operating from 1st February 2018 – 20th March 2018.

The madness continues….why MadFest Brisbane set the standard for anime conventions!

Make no mistake about it, MadFest Brisbane went off with a bang!

I was fortunate enough this past weekend to attend the latest Madman Anime Festival in Brisbane and if I had to sum up the experience in one word: AWESOME!

The vibe and atmosphere of the festival was like no other; fans old and new came together to show their love for anime. It was insane the amount of fans that turned up for the Brisbane event. Before door opened the line was out the door and fans were eagerly awaiting to go in and experience what was going to be an epic anime filled weekend.

Idol mania was strong in Brisbane. The ‘Love Live’ cosplayers were in full force and with performances from local dance groups ‘A-muse’ and ‘Aquaria’ as well as the ‘Aquors Cheering Party’ with the special screening of ‘Love Live Sunshine’ it was the perfect excuse for fans to whip out their glow sticks and embrace the idol goodness.


The Expo hall was in my opinion the best out of the three MadFest events I have attended. Nearly every stall had access to EFTPOS facilities which made it easy for fans to spend to their hearts content (Yes, even I went a little overboard because of this!). I was extremely impressed with the variety of vendors with their anime collectables and the affordability of the products. Unlike Melbourne and Perth buying stuff in Brisbane was a lot easier and more friendlier on the wallet.


We had some of the same exhibits and displays that appeared at both Melbourne and Perth MadFest; such as the ‘Tokyo Ghoul exhibit’, ‘Sword Art Online exhibit’, ‘One Punch Man experience’ and ‘Mai-Wish: Maid and Butler cafe’, however fans in Brisbane were the first ones in the country to see the unbelievable ‘Attack on Titan’ exhibit which was without question one of the most amazing experiences as an anime fan to experience. I could have spent hours just staring at all the wonderful drawings and art from the series.

We had the ‘Itasha Vehicle display’ in Brisbane which was super cool to see the cars all decked out in anime. This was one thing I wished I could have seen in Perth but I was glad that we got the opportunity here in Brisbane. I really hope that this becomes an feature in all MadFest because it is awesome seeing these cars.

Without question the guests that attended were the most engaging and interactive guests to come to a MadFest event. Fan favourite voice actress Cherami Leigh (Sword Art Online, Fairy Tail, Sailor Moon) was interacting and meeting all her fans. It was really refreshing to see a guest get really involved and just having an absolute blast. She has probably set the standard for guests very high because she was just happy to go and spend the time with the fans. Yuko Miyamuru (Neon Genesis Evangelion) made her return to MadFest (she previously attended the first event back in Melbourne) and was just as wonderful as she was at the first event. She had a wonderful Voice acting workshop and panel where she even did a live read of Asuna from Evangelion. The Cosplay guest were just as amazing as well, with the likes of Ying Tze, Katyuska Moonfox, Orochi X and Pinky Lu Xun the cosplay fans were extremely lucky to get to meet their idols.


Fans were also lucky to get to be the first in the country to see in Premiere screenings of ‘Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale’ *English dub* and ‘Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic’ which made lots of anime fans extremely happy. Like Perth and Melbourne there is nothing better than sitting with a big group of anime fans watching a new film. MadFest fan were also the first in the world to exclusively see the brand new episode of ‘CONfessionals’ which was extremely funny and brilliant.

Now I have attended all three MadFest and I can say without any bias or influence that this was probably one of my favourite MadFest events to attend. The volunteers were so nice and helpful and the vendors were kind and willing to give you a great deal on merchandise. I actually struggle to find any fault with this event because everything ran according to whatever script the staff at Madman were running on. It is clear that as each event happens the festival itself gets better and better. What I loved was the fans itself that attended. Everyone was there to have fun and being extremely supportive of each other and the cosplayers were off the charts. If this is the standard that it is currently at now, I have no doubt that the event will become an Australia wide event.

5/5  for me. Thank you Madman for putting on such a stellar event, and we cannot wait to see what will happen this year in Melbourne!

ACMI Presents Essential Anime Heroines

If you’re short on having something to do in the lead up to Christmas, then check out the Essential Anime Heroines movie festival which kicked off yesterday at ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image) in Federation Square in Melbourne.

There’s a great array of films up for selection with classic Ghibli fare My Neighbour Totoro, Spirited Away, Arrietty, Princess Mononoke and other more contemporary titles like Summer Wars and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.


The festival runs through til December 23rd and films are available in both subbed and dubbed versions, just make sure to check the guide when making a booking. For more info, head on over the festival page on the ACMI site.

Madman Anime Festival 2016 Update

Just a reminder that the inaugural Madman Anime Festival is coming up in Melbourne from September 3rd to the 4th. And more importantly, tickets are now on sale! Here’s some info from their recent media release:

Madman Anime Festival 2016

The Anime event of the year is coming to Melbourne | September 3 – 4
Madman Anime Festival, a celebration of anime and Japanese culture, held on the weekend ofSeptember 3 and 4, 2016 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. With appearances from international guests such as ONE PUNCH MAN director Shingo Natsume, and exclusive events including a TOKYO GHOUL exhibition, you won’t want to miss out.

madman anime

Get your tickets now before they sell out.

For more info, here are some social links for you:

Follow the latest:

New Pokemon Centre For Tokyo Skytree

Anyone who’s ever gone to Japan and loves Pokemon would have checked out one of the many Pokemon Centres littered around the place. You can find some really cool exclusives in there plus they’re just really cute to visit as well.  There’s news of a new Pokemon Centre opening in Tokyo conveniently located in the middle of a relatively new attraction, the Tokyo Skytree. I’m particularly happy at these news as the Skytree is in our neighbourhood whenever we visit Japan so it’ll be really close to us!

pokemon skytree

The Pokemon Centre will be located in the Solamachi entertainment complex and it isn’t going to be a smaller type of store. It’s reported as being one of the Tokyo Pokemon Centre Megastores so this means it’s going to be jam packed with goodies that some of the smaller stores don’t carry. Something unique to each store is the logo that promotes it and this one is no different with Pikachu riding on the back of a Rayquaza, a legendary Pokemon.

pokemon skytree2

pokemon skytree3

The store opens for business on July 6th so start getting your wallet ready for a hurting 🙁

New Attractions For Tokyo Disneyland & Sea

Just when you thought Tokyo Disneyland couldn’t get any bigger or better, reports are emerging that the House of Mickey will be receiving a few new attractions. The new features will be spread across both theme parks, Disneyland and Disney Sea.

disney beauty1

The new attractions coming are based around animated feature classic, Beauty and the Beast and a more modern fare, Big Hero 6. The Beauty and the Beast section will see Beast’s castle faithfully recreated complete with a ride through the castle telling the story we all know. On top of that, Belle’s village will also be present which will be a shopping and dining area.

disney beauty2

disney beauty3

Not much has been revealed around the Big Hero 6 feature. All Disney have said is that it’ll be a “spinning ride” complete with caretaker robots. I’m intrigued.

disney baymax

Disney Sea will be receiving it’s own upgrade with the inclusion of the Soarin’ ride. This feature first showed up in 2001 at Disney’s California Adventure Park.

disney soarin

Instead of representing a glider as used at the US ride, the Japan version will see flying machines inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci.
2019 is the opening year for Soarin’ with the other attractions ready to be opened in time for the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Supanova Melbourne 2015 Video Highlights

The weekend that just passed saw the commencement of the convention season for 2015 with Supanova rolling into Melbourne. Melbourne is the first of many stops for the Supanova train. Always attracting many Supa Star guests, this year was no different. From Christopher Lloyd from Back to the Future, George Takei from Star Trek, Charisma Carpenter from Buffy and Angel, Jason David Frank from Power Rangers and loads more!


A convention of this calibre is always a great spot for cosplayers to converge and show off what they’ve been working on, sometimes up to months before the actual event. They come from all over Australia to meet up and arrange photoshoots and make new friends. Here’s a photo album from the IJM Facebook page.

[fbalbum url=”″]

Japandaman was on site doing his duties for TV show It’s Japan, Man! along with co-host, the always kawaii Neko. This year IJM decided to put together a little cosplayer highlights video so even if you couldn’t make it, this video will give you an idea of the fun that went down.

new fb cover


Hope you’ve had a look at the photo gallery above, now here’s the It’s Japan, Man! cosplay video highlight reel.

Studio Ghibli Souvenir Samples

Studio Ghibli is a much loved animation studio cranking out such beautiful classics as My Neighbour Totoro, Howl’s Moving Castle and the Academy Award winning, Spirited Away. If you happen to visit Japan, then a visit to the Studio Ghibli Museum is a must. You’ll be able to see exclusive artwork and other treasures that normally aren’t seen outside of Japan.

And then of course, there’s the souvenirs. Most people like to bring home a little trinket of their visit and thanks to Rocket News, we can show you a sample of what’s on offer.

Has anyone been lucky enough to go to the Ghibli Museum? We’d love to see pics of your goodies that you picked up there!