More Japan Quake “reporting”

Found another site that showcases the international news sources that are reporting the recent events in Japan and completely blowing using sensationalist tactics to create fear and panic amongst the rest of the world. It’s keeping a tally of such sites and giving them a score out of ten to rate how badly they are exaggerating the facts…once again I’m not denying the facts but when you have a well respected Japan based blogger like Danny Choo also saying the same things, it makes you wonder…have a read and post comments below.

Journalist Wall of Shame

Japandaman’s blog moves home

So my net buddy, Jack the budding entrepreneur from has given me some space on his server for my blog. The idea being that, hopefully soon, I’ll have my own sub domain, for example, that’d be nice but with any luck and hard work, it won’t be too far away!! Anyways, I’ve also noticed that since the import, some pics look blocky but if you click on them to blow them up, they come up just fine. Not sure is anything can be done about this 🙁 But in other news, I’ve finally finished work on the short but sweet video from the Tokyo Game Show 2010 which was completed using iMovie on the iPhone 4. As I type, the vid is being uploaded to youtube and from there I’ll post it here. I’m also going to look at Facebook and Twitter integration as I don’t want to be updating each social space separately…pointless. Anyways, I’ll get back to it!!

People need to be better informed.

Am really peeved at the way that the major news outlets are reporting the crisis with emphasis on the radiation danger over in Japan. By all accounts from bloggers and people actually living there, there appears something to be concerned about but the news outlets are really using scare tactics to the rest of the world and then you have people completely misinformed citizens talking about what’s really going on over there…have a link below from a respected news site that tells it like it is…no scare tactics just plain facts.

We Should Stop Running Away From Radiation

Game Bar A Button, Akihabara – An Otaku Experience

One of the more cooler things I got to experience in Japan was a bar that I had heard about but had no idea where it was. Called the Game Bar A Button in Akihabara, the pics I had seen of it looked cool and very much my kind of bar. I was lucky enough to hook up with a friend of mine in Japan who was going there to film an event and asked if I wanted to tag along…as if I was going to say no?!?!? Pics below…





Tons and tons of controllers from all generations…
Some controllers and consoles I had never seen or heard of 🙂


These were not nailed or glued down and no one steals them!! Try doing that in Melbourne before some console geek makes a break for it 🙁





Manga that you can help yourself to as long as you can the local tongue 🙂


Hmm…Panasonic Q…sexy…


You had me at Dreamcast…




And the reason why we were all there…for Kikuta San! For the uninitiated, Kikuta San is responsible for the score to Secret of Mana on SNES amongst mnay others, one of the most highly revered RPG’s ever. He’s one of the most in demand and constantly busy composers in Japan and he makes time for his fans by posting where he’s making his announcements on his blog! Who else, big name musician, connects with their fans in such an intimate, and without fanfare, setting??


What I was dying over though was to the right of Kikuta San…that’s right…that’s a development Dreamcast. Looks like a PC probably because it ran Windows CE but that, along with Kikuta San, was a MASSIVE highlight. Shout outs to Hiroaki Yura, Director of the Eminence Symphony Orchestra, who made time to hang with me…the best trip so far 🙂



I think I might end up posting more of my pics from Japan now that I have the posting bug…there’s tons in interesting pics I have in my collection 🙂

The TGS 2010 post!!

>You asked for it and waited patiently (thank you for that) so here in this post, you’ll find Japandaman’s impressions, pics and videos of the recent Tokyo Game Show 2010 🙂

The Kahim Makuhari station where the Makuhari Messe hall is, where TGS was staged. This station was about a 20 minute ride from Tokyo station and that was on the express line or else you’d be up for a leisurely 35 min ride, as I found out with Laucha, on the way back.

Straight away we knew we were in for a different experience…this was taken at the train station when we had just gotten there and it was run by Capcom. How often do you see a game company running anything at your train station???


A row of banners advertising the gaming goodness that waited inside 🙂


Hmm…Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood…looking good, the recent mutiplayer beta on PSN was pretty impressive as well.

Wide shot of the Makuhari Meese Hall in easily 30+ degrees weather…the Laucha and I were sweating profusely needless to say by this point.

The shrine that is the Tokyo Game Show 2010
Gamania had a cool booth inside which I think I got pics of but their freebie bag was pretty big as well. I don’t know how I managed to fit it into my suitcase.
Not sure which booth this was but I remember thinking the graphics were very colourful and vivid!
Xbox 360 demonstrating what will likely be a Japan only game…it did look pretty crazy and will likely induce an epileptic fit just by looking at the case the game comes in…the screen action was very hectic!!
A personal fave of mine…Monster Hunter Portable 3rd for the Sony PSP…actors dressed as Felynes? Nice touch, Capcom 🙂

A Felyne with its handler 😉

Sora from the Kingdom Hearts Universe

Back in the days when Square was still called Squaresoft.

Some upcoming games…can’t wait for KH: Re-coded…looked great! And The 3rd Birthday following on in the Parasite Eve series is eagerly awaited…who doesn’t love Parasite Eve?? The 3rd Birthday will be a PSP exclusive, trailer below.


Konami booth but no Solid Snake 🙁 Sega in the background, got a great booklet from Sega with a dvd which I still have to view.

Another colourful booth who’s name eludes me…

Taking a break from all the excitement. Laucha and I decided to grab some lunch followed by a new experience…ice cream from a vending machine. We can personally vouch for the strawberry one and the chocolate swirl…delicious!!

A few may notive that the TGS looks empty, that’s because we went on one of the press days meaning it’s closed to the public. There were still people there but not as many as the public days which my pics below will attest to.

This was there on the first of the two, open to public days…people were clamouring to take pics so of course I joined the masses and started snapping 🙂

Further up, leading to the hall, was this mascot from an IT supplier shop that had a temporary booth nearby. Big suit, in 34 degree heat? Yeah, I’d be smiling too…

The very long walk from the station to the Makuhari Messe Hall with no shade in the sun was painful but at least there was pretty scenery 🙂



This is what I meant by the huge crowds on the public days…the queue in the background…imagine that times 5 times as long!!

More queues and I honestly didn’t have the strength to wait, by myself, in the heat for God knows how long to get it. I’m not too fussed though, it’s not like I won’t be going to another TGS in the future and the next will one hopefully have some sweet 3DS games 🙂

Farewell Makuhari Messe for this year and thus began the long trek back to Kahim Makuhari station. I think I may have more pics from my camera as these are all from my iPhone. Will double check and make a new post after this one soon also with videos especially the Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 footage *drool*


Some pics from TGS 2010

>I haven’t crawled up and gone to sleep under a rock but I did spend 11 days with my family in Japan!! Spending most of our time in Tokyo, Asakusa and 2 days in Kyoto and Osaka…a major highlight was gaining entry to the Tokyo Game Show using a press pass. Not a scalped or forgery but a real one from my work with, thanks Gamer!! Some pics below and more pics to follow 🙂


Kahim Makuhari station. The hall where TGS was held was a stone’s throw away 🙂
Banners with featured games, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, a big highlight for the PSP.
Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood…looking tasty!!
A far off shot leading up to the hall…keen spotter will note the dark corners on the top of the pic…never take pics with your iphone in a case!! Lesson learnt 🙂
Shot of the logo for this year’s event…I bought a t shirt with a similar logo on it which a lot of the Japanese kept commenting on days after the event.
Gamania had an awesome booth inside the hall, pics soon in next post. I did have an interview arranged with them but it was on one of the open to the public days…biiiiig mistake as half of Japan was there and entry was impossible 🙁
Xbox 360 had a massive booth, as you do, and this game looked impressive. Didn’t play it but I remember watching it with my mouth open!!
From memory, I think this may have been the Gamania booth as they’re a pc only developer which I am not but their games did look really sweet.
More pics and video will follow shortly!

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