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Mythical Meloetta Wraps Up Pokemon Giveaway

2016 has marked the 20th anniversary since Pokemon invaded our consciousness and changed the world of pop culture forever. To commemorate this occasion, the Pokemon Company have been giving away a Pokemon every month since February.

This is all coming to a sad end with the news that the final Pokemon is the mythical Meloetta which is up for grabs right now. Here’s the official word from the Pokemon Company:

We round out the Pokémon 20th celebration with a chance to get the elegant Meloetta via Nintendo Network! The Melody Pokémon first appeared in the Unova region, complete with the capability of changing from Aria Forme to Pirouette Forme in battle when it used the move Relic Song. Don’t miss your chance to have the graceful Meloetta perform in your Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire game! Visit the Move Tutor in Mauville City to teach it Relic Song to transform it into Pirouette Forme once again!

Receive Meloetta via Nintendo Network beginning December 1, 2016, for your Pokémon Omega Ruby, Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, Pokémon X, or Pokémon Y game. The Pokémon will be available only until December 24, 2016, so don’t miss this opportunity!

Persona 5 20th Anniversary Edition Unboxing

I ran a post recenty about the announcement around the 20th anniversary special release of Persona 5. Today it seems that a retailer in Taiwan has jumped the gun and beaten the street date by releasing the game early. The game isn’t due in Japan until September 15 but an unknown YouTuber posted the unboxing video online. Sadly the video has been taken down by the user but there are some pics which show the unboxing. It looks like a pretty good package!

20th Anniversary Sailor Moon Figure

Fans will have fond memories of classic anime, Sailor Moon, and with the upcoming reboot, new and old fans alike will be able to experience it all over again or for the very first time.

sailor moon 4

Bandai have jumped into the 20th anniversary proceedings with the announcement that they will be releasing a S.H.Figuarts version of the Sailor Moon figure through their Tamashii Nations brand. The figure which is completely posable will retail for ¥4,410 and will be available from August 2013. This new figure actually heralds the first of the anniversary celebrations with the figure standing tall at 14cm and, as mentioned before, is highly posable with moving joints capable of many different poses.

sailor moon 2

The figure has been modelled after the animation style of the 90’s Sailor Moon with the big eyes and long eyelashes, exquisitely prominent chin and an almost not there nose. The figure will also ship with 3 different faces, each carrying different expressions which you can change plus a few more extras. Here are the official specifications for the figure.

Name: S.H.Figuarts Sailor Moon
Price: MSRP 4410 yen (Tax in)
Height: Approximately 14 cm
1 x Main Body
3 types of Exchangeable Facial expressions
3 types of Exchangeable left wrist poses
5 types of Exchangeable right wrist poses
Luna (the magical talking cat)
2 x Moon Stick
1 x Moon Tiara effect parts

sailor moon 1

Official site with more info is here.

sailor moon 3