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TV Spots Promoting 3DS LL & Monster Hunter Tri G

Two new TV spots promoting the 3DS LL and Monster Hunter 4 have just begun to air in Japan just in time for Summer. For those that think they may have missed something, the 3DS LL is what the 3DS XL is known as in Japan.

The first tv spot shows some gamers taking part in some multiplayer action Monter Hunter Tri G on the 3Ds LL and don’t tell me it doesn’t look absolutely gorgeous on the stunning new larger screen. It looks amazing but that could also be my inner fanboy talking. The spot also briefly shows a logo for Monster Hunter 4 at the very end.











The next tv spot is pretty much the same but with salarymen taking part in some monster hunting action once again on the 3DS LL and yes, once again it looks absolutely sublime. Catch that one below.

Two Japanese Commercials For New Super Mario Bros. 2

Two new commercials have been released for New Super Mario Bros. 2, which can be seen in the video below. The tv spots show off the talked about two player mode as well as some game footage where a massive Boo, filling the whole screen, is in hot pursuit of the Mario Bros.

The second spot focusses mainly on the one player game and shows off the Raccoon Mario suit. The game along with the 3S LL will touch down in Japan on July 28.