Dancing Sisters show A Certain Scientific Railgun S Preview

Popular anime, A Certain Scientific Railgun S, has a track in the anime put together by group, fripSide, called, Sister Noise. The track was released today in Japan so give it a helping push, Rondo Robe, has put up several clips of different lengths to the interwebs.


A Certain Scientific Railgun S Only Shop features at Animate Akihabara store

Golden Week is happening in Japan right now, this is the period of time from the end of April until May 5th. It’s known as Golden Week due to so many national holidays happening during this time. There are 3 consecutive holidays from April 29 to the 29th and then another 4 happening from May […]


New Clip For “A Certain Scientific Railgun S” Premiere

The other day we posted some similarities between Academy City and its real life counterpart, Tachikawa. A Certain Scientific Railgun S is the anime that is based around Academy City and just a few weeks out from the premiere of the second season, there’s a new trailer for it. The trailer features the ladies from […]