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Sakura Beer Coming To Japan

Yes, we’ve read about chocolate fries and honey lemon shakes and whole heap of other stuff that makes us envious of the different culinary delights in Japan. But for me, as a beer lover, this next one makes me teary. In a “I wish I was in Japan” kind of way. Coming back to Japan just in time for the Cherry Blossom season is Sakura beer.

The beer is called Sankt Gallen Sakura and is being produced by Sankt Gallen out of the Kanagawa prefecture, the same group responsible for doing the same thing this time last year.

sakura beer

It’s said to contain 5% alcohol and contains flowers from the cherry blossom species of tree known as the yaezakura. It’ll set you back a reasonable ¥463 (alcohol is ridiculously cheap in Japan!) and will hit stores from February 23rd through to early April. Get drinking!

Sake Flavoured Kit Kats For Japan

Have you ever been eating a Kit Kat and thought that what was missing was, say maybe, sake flavoured Kit Kat? You read that correctly…rice water alcohol. I’ll fess up and admit that the thought never crossed my mind but of course in Japan where the Kit Kat flavours are endless, this will be a reality.

sake kit kat

The delicious chocolate bars will have sake powder added to the production mix which Nestle assures will give you a lasting essence in the smell while the taste won’t be strong and overpowering. I’ll admit I’m curious and really want to get my hands on some. They go on sale on the 1st of February and will retail for ¥150 for 3 packs while a special 9 pack box will cost ¥700.

sake kit kat box

Source: Nestlé Japan

Kyary Endorses Wine Brand

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is certainly one busy young lady of late. Not content with undertaking her first world tour, Kyary has taken some time out to have her first alcoholic beverage sponsorship contract now that she’s come of age and all.

She was yesterday announced as the brand ambassador of yellow tail Pink Moscato wine, a nice drop from Australia that is sold by Sapporo in Japan. She also mentioned that Pink Moscato was the first alcoholic drink she tried when turned 20 last year. The whole thing came as a surprise to her, where she said, “But it feels like YATTA! And it made me happy!”

Kyary wine 1

As a result of the deal, there will be a strong marketing campaign kicking off today showing Kyary with what appears to be a crown which will be seen on train billboards, commercials aimed at commuters and other assorted billboard signage. You might think that it’s a strange pairing, Kyary with wine, but it was put down to both her music and video clip being intoxicating that gave her the edge.

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Alcoholic Drink Features Vocaloid In Japan

Those popular Vocaloids are used to advertise and promote many things in their home country of Japan and one of the latest promotions is no different.

vocaloid Lily drink

Vocaloid Lily is featured on the latest bottle of “Moe Shochu Lily”, which features artwork from the original character designer, KEI, who has worked on other Vocaloids such as Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka and Kagamine Rin/Len. Shochu happens to be Japan’s indigenous beverage and is made from many different ingredients ranging from raw sugar, sweet potatoes or grains and fruits. This new bottle of “Moe Shochu Lily” contains barley and its alcohol content comes in at 12% which sounds like a lot but is actually considered a lighter drink as shochu normally comes in at 25 – 35%.

vocaloid Lily drink 2

The bottle of “Moe Shochu Lily” will set you back ¥1,200 for a 300ml size.