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Oppai Gaming Is A Thing On PS Vita

Hmm, wasn’t sure what to make of this next one. So basically, Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates is an RPG for the PS Vita which you can order from Amazon Japan. In the game, you…massage the oppai of the on screen girls to generate a strong connection with them. It’s something very different which I haven’t seen before, if anyone out there has, I’d love to hear your comments here or on Facebook.

Here’s a trailer which might sway you to pick up the game. But keep in mind that this game has a less than zero chance of being released outside of Japan for the West.

The game releases August 4th, 2016.

New Book Raises Funds For Japan

Amazon have a listing for a new book released to help the victims of the Japan earthquake. Kizuna: Fiction For Japan, is an anthology that has been published featuring the work of some of the best writers in the business including Michael Moorcock, a well respected fantasy writer. The royalties from the book will go towards orphans of the tsunami in Tohoku. 75 authors from 11 different countries have contributed works of fiction ranging a variety of different genres. The genres are very diverse and cover fantasy, science fiction, new wave, humour and horror to name just a few. The list of authors is also very extensive and in index order:

Katherine Govier, Ken Asamatsu, Lee Pletzers, Joseph S. Pulver, Sr., S.A. Gambino, Michael Allen Rose, Nickolas Furr, Garrett Cook, Touya Tachihara, Jess Gulbranson, Alvin Pang, Robert M. Price, Kevin Lovelace, Junichi Ashikawa, Dan Ryan, Adam Joffrain, Moxie Mezcal, Andersen Prunty, L. Christopher Bird, Minoru Inaba, Richard Wright, Kirk Marshall, Davide Mana, Show Tomono, Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Christene Britton-Jones, Philip Overby, Yuusuke Tokita, David Agranoff, Bradley Sands, Naohiko Kitahara, Michael John Grist, Edmund Colell, Trent Zelazny, Riri Shimada, Made in DNA, Glynn Barrass, Fulvio Gatti, Nirnara, Melissa J White, Fumihiko Iino, Curt Seubert, Elizabeth Black, John F. Rice, Hiroshi Yamamoto, Volker Baetz, Andrew Freudenberg, Terrie Czechowski, Lucía González Lavado, Mie Takase, Stephen A. North, Ran Cartwright, Ukyou Kodachi, Danilo Arona, David Naughton-Shires, John Shirley, Jonathan Moon, Tadashi Ohta, Richard Salter, Midori Tateyama, Grant Wamack, Massimo Soumaré, Yufuko Senoh, Berry Sizemore, Ash Lomen, Adam Breckenridge, Yasumi Kobayashi, Jason Wuchenich, Ryuto Hijiri, Vittorio Catani, Joji Hayashi, Kevin David Anderson, Tamao Kanroji, Michael Moorcock, and Shinya Gaku.

Right now the book is only available for the Kindle service with a print service planned for later this year. For those of you interested, links can be found below.

Kizuna: Fiction for Japan (a charity anthology) – US

Kizuna: Fiction for Japan (a charity anthology) – UK