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Frozen Becomes Most Successful 3D Movie For Japan

Disney’s latest animated opus, Frozen, has been tearing up records around the globe and now it’s claimed another scalp. Frozen has officially become the most successful 3D animated movie for Japan. Since launching in Japan on March 14, it has taken over ¥15,900,000,000 up until May 6th. Previously, the highest grossing movie was James Cameron’s Avatar.

In the overall best placings for movies in Japan, it currently ranks in the 8th position. But as it look like it isn’t slowing down any time soon, it could potentially break through the ¥20 billion.

Batman Year One trailer

Following on from the recent reveal of the teaser poster for the upcoming Dark Knight Rises movie, we now have a trailer for the animated DC Universe movie, Batman Year One due for home release. This story, first told in the pages of Batman in 1987, recounts what happens when Bruce Wayne/Batman returns to Gotham City following a 12 year absence which was spent training. The comics were at the time and still today remembered as being critically acclaimed for the brilliant, sharp and original script coming from Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli. Check the trailer below.