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Crunchyroll comes to PS Vita

Anime fans will be happy with the following news: anime streaming website of choice, Crunchyroll, is coming to the PS Vita in the form of a downloadable app.


The announcement was made during the recent Anime Expo in the States and while a date for the app wasn’t locked down, it’s something that fans have definitely been clamouring for. Keep it locked to Japandaman for an update on these exciting news and when you can expect to catch some quality anime on the go.

Hatsune Miku Itasha @ Anime Expo ’11

Anime Expo is over and done with for another year and easily Hatsune Miku was a massive stand out. Not just for her event closing concert which was a sellout and a massive success but for the support thrown behind her by Toyota and their itasha cars they had on display. For those in the dark, itasha is the Japanese word used to describe the art of decorating one’s car with decals of their favourite anime/manga characters or characters. The word itasha literally means pain(痛い(itai)) car(車(sha)) as just by driving the car around, people tend to believe that it’s painful to do so from all the decals making the car stand out 🙂 During AX ’11, Toyota teamed up with Hatsune Miku for their Corolla + Hatsune Miku marketing campaign with the end result being two itasha cars that looked absolutely amazing! So there were two different varieties on display consisting of a black car and a white car both plastered with Hatsune images, check the pics below, the cars are looking pretty hot if you ask me 🙂

The state of Expos in Australia :(

2 days off work means more reviews to come for my new buddies over at Otaku Fuel…I’d kill to be going to Anime Expo ’11 but once upon a time I wanted to go to Tokyo Game Show and that ended up happening last year 🙂 Thanks once again to Aussie Gamer for the press hookup so I’m guessing if I play my cards right, I’ll end up at Anime Expo sooner rather than later. We really are starved for these kinds of expos in Australia, I mean, sure we have Supanova, Armagedon and Manifest as the three big ones but the space they occupy is minute compared to what takes place overseas. I’m fairly certain those three expos are the only big ones unless I’m missing one? The point being that while these shows do draw big names from the entertainment world, I’d give my left nut for something more anime/manga/J-pop culture related with a bigger emphasis on cosplay…maybe Japandaman needs to do something about this. Get some sponsorship happening, pay for some big names to come Down Under and get some people dragging themselves to a proper big show with vendors peddling their wares, the whole works. Good Smile Company, Max Factory and then maybe even Japanese pop culture blogger himself, Danny Choo. I’m sure he’d love it down here and people would definitely come from interstate to see him judging by the amount of Australian visitors to his site. And if we’re going that path, maybe even have a Japanese car culture section where Itasha would be introduced to the masses. If you don’t know what itasha is or what it means, have a click here or here.

But I digress as EB or Electronics Boutique themselves are planning an expo themselves at the end of the year, which in lieu of going to TGS this year, may be a distinct possibility on the Gold Coast. Link here to the website for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about.

Of course something of this undertaking would require massive planning and I’d be doing market research for a lonnnng time to make sure this thing had the best chance of success and I’d probably call it Japania or something like that 🙂 So who’s with me, does anyone want to see a massive event like this here? So instead of us flying overseas, which we’d still do, it’d be great to see international fans coming here for the expo!

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