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AR Features For Hatsune Miku On PS Vita

The upcoming Vita release of Hatsune Miku Project Diva f 2nd will come built in with a cool feature for the handheld. Markerless AR capability.

miku AR 1

This means that Hatsune will be able to perform anywhere in the real world without the use of any AR cards. The previous release last year came with the same ability but required a card to project Miku onto a real world surface.

miku AR 2

The new feature called AR Live will allow you to also change her outfit and select one of 8 songs to perform. Miku can also perform with some of her vocaloid friends as well.

You can join in with Miku and her friends when the game launches in Japan on March 6th for PS3 and PS Vita.

New trailer for Miku Miku Hockey

We’ve previously a couple of articles on the tech demo featuring Hatsune Miku for the PS Vita that uses AR, or Augmented Reality, technology. The full game of Miku Miku Hockey is available as a special to PS Plus members in Japan and if you want to see exactly how this all works and what you’re missing out on if you don’t have a Japanese PS Plus account, check out the video below!

Tech demo Miku air hockey coming to Japan PS Plus

A few months ago there was a tech demo created using Hatsune Miku and Mikudayo where they were playing air hockey through the AR technology in the PS Vita. Due to the positive response this demo received during the Nico Nico Chokaigi 2 super conference, it’s being made available to PS Plus members in Japan.

miku miku hockey

The download will be available between September 10 through to September 19. This official release of Miku Miku Hockey also brings the added feature of allowing people to spectate the game between Miku and Mikudayo, or a combination of either, playing air hockey. Your characters can also level up during the game so if you have a Japanese PSN account, pull it out of mothballs and get ready for some Miku hockey action!

AR Details From Hatsune Miku On 3DS

Not to be confused with the Hatsune Miku outing on the PS Vita, the Nintendo 3DS game featuring the Vocaloid will be employing some pretty snazzy AR features which will allow you to interact with Hatsune in unique ways.

This week’s issue of Famitsu magazine features screenshots showing an AR Hatsune Miku lazing about in the player’s kitchen, walking in the rain and even taking a rest on the payer’s bed, nice. The AR Hatsune on the 3DS will be small and have cute while the Vita version will be featuring a more life size version. I personally prefer small and cute but that’s just me.

The article also mentions that you’ll be able to take pics with Hatsune as well as adjust the size of the AR Miku. There is a hint in the air that the AR features will also be employing game based play features and not just serve as eye candy.

Fingers crossed, we’ll be seeing some authorised media late this week/early next week.

Konami Reveal Details on TGS AR Game For Vita

I earlier posted about Konami announcing four games they’ll be having for the PS Vita at Tokyo Game Show. Just came across this little nugget of information regarding one of the games that has for the most part been slipping under the radar. AR Combat Digi Q seems to be a new game where you’ll be able to control radio controlled vehicles. A couple of screen below show what looks to be a tank about to engage an enemy and another of the tank maybe traversing the environment with what looks like a counter in the top left hand corner. Maybe keeping count of how long the level has been going for? Either way it looks pretty cool and interesting, I can only hope that being an AR game, you’ll be able to literally race anywhere over the table, across the floor, in the bath, etc. The possibilities are endless! The game will also be incorporating the dual sticks of the Vita making for great control and an immersive experience. All will be revealed at TGS, maybe a trailer will be forthcoming soon, I’ll keep you posted.