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Lawson Announces Arpeggio of Blue Steel Collaboration

Here’s another cross collaboration involving a convenience store franchise and an anime series. Running between April 22nd and May 5th, Lawson and Arpeggio of Blue Steel will team up for a promotion that will see some awesome goodies up for grabs.

blue steel logo


Just by purchasing a drink, you’ll be able to pick up a  vinyl teddy Kirishima in store uniform, clear file, signed tapestry, tickets for a live event starring Trident – the actress unit put together for the series with Mai Fuchigami (Iona), Manami Numakura (Takao), and Hibiku Yamamura (Haruna) or a t-shirt and beach cushion.

Kill La Kill & Arpeggio Of Blue Steel Phone Cases

We showed some pretty awesome iPhone cases the other day that looked more like tasty food treats than cases. Today there’s some cases we came across from two very popular anime’s.

Kill la Kill and Arpeggio of Blue Steel both have a solid fan base so smartphone accessory maker, Groove Garage MofuMofu, saw fit to release these cases. Guts (Kill la Kill) and Yotaro (Arpeggio of Blue Steel) can now be carried around with you via these cases which will be released April with a price tag each of ¥2,940.

guts 1

Guts has a bone pull tag which when yanked on reveals your phone while Yotaro needs his tail pulled to open the flap revealing your phone.

And now let’s take a look at the Yotaro case, these are both so cute!