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Disney Receives A Japanese Touch

Now here’s something that looks absolutely beautiful. Chinese artist,¬†STARshadowmagic, took it upon themselves to reimagine some of the Disney Princesses with gorgeous kimonos completely transforming the characters into something different and amazing to look at. Some of the characters aren’t Princesses but they’re still beautiful nonetheless.

For more stunning art, check out the artist over on Pixiv and Twitter.

Girls’ Generation Artwork Destroyed

Sad day recently in Melbourne with the news that the much loved and snapped by cameras, Jessica from Girls’ Generation mural in Melbourne, has been defaced and pretty much destroyed.

Amongst the many lanes in Melbourne, someone with a sharp eye saw the artwork below in Hosier Lane, Melbourne which led to a few Pop Asians making the pilgrimage to have their picture taken beside it.





Ok, so they were the before pics, unfortunately some ‘talented’ artist on the weekend thought it would be a great idea to tag it and spray over it. To what end, only they would know but Jessica has been completely destroyed now which is terrible news.



We can only hope that some aerosol artist who is also a K-Pop fan will seek permission from the local council and recreate it. Fingers crossed!

Source: SBS Pop Asia

Fantasy Street Fighter Done Right

Came across some amazing artwork for a talented individual by the name of Kei Suwabe-san in which he illustrates and presents an alternate Street Fighter Universe with a range of diverse characters stretching from Ronald McDonald, Colonel Sanders and even Hello Kitty!

Go through the gallery below and see if you can find your favourites but you’d be hard pressed to go past a bigger commercial rivalry than that of KFC and McDonalds’.

The artwork is really quite exquisite and deserves to be seen by as many fans as possible, obviously a labour of love for the artist and it shows. The hours that have gone into these 40+ illustrations is staggering.

To see more artwork and discover more of this talented artist, check out the site here.

Thanks to Danny Choo for the link!


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