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Disney Receives A Japanese Touch

Now here’s something that looks absolutely beautiful. Chinese artist,¬†STARshadowmagic, took it upon themselves to reimagine some of the Disney Princesses with gorgeous kimonos completely transforming the characters into something different and amazing to look at. Some of the characters aren’t Princesses but they’re still beautiful nonetheless. For more stunning art, check out the artist over […]

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Japanese Artist Draws Realistic Animals As Pokemon

Totomame¬†is an artist responsible for some stunning pieces of art, you can check them out on his Pixiv account. Clearly he’s taken inspiration from the craze that is Pokemon Go as he’s recently done some very striking pieces of Pokemon art. Some of these are really cute, like Meowth, however some look very menacing. Blastoise […]


Girls’ Generation Artwork Destroyed

Sad day recently in Melbourne with the news that the much loved and snapped by cameras, Jessica from Girls’ Generation mural in Melbourne, has been defaced and pretty much destroyed. Amongst the many lanes in Melbourne, someone with a sharp eye saw the artwork below in Hosier Lane, Melbourne which led to a few Pop […]


Fantasy Street Fighter Done Right

Came across some amazing artwork for a talented individual by the name of Kei Suwabe-san in which he illustrates and presents an alternate Street Fighter Universe with a range of diverse characters stretching from Ronald McDonald, Colonel Sanders and even Hello Kitty! Go through the gallery below and see if you can find your favourites […]