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36 Beautiful Ladies From Japan In Commercials

YouTuber JPCMHD is back with a brand new selection of Japanese TV commercials to check out. But apart from the usual awesomeness that’s put together, this time he’s also selected the 36 beautiful ladies that feature in these commercials.

Everything from cosmetics, salad dressing, fruit drinks, ice cream, eye wear, Meiji products and loads more. Catch them all below!

Attack On Titan Straps With Coffee

Great news for anime fans who also have a taste for the coffee in a can, Wonda, sold in Japan. Asahi Soft Drinks has teamed up with hit series, Attack on Titan, to produce some limited edition cans that come with some very cool AoT straps for your phone or any other piece of tech.

aot coffee 1

The promo kicks off on January 7 and will be for the 185g variety cans of “Wonda: Gold Black – Kin no Mutou (Gold Non-sugar)”.  The cans will come with a 3-way character strap with one of ten different AoT characters. What makes it 3-way is it allows you to use it as a charm, phone strap or pin jack. The characters that are a part of the campaign are Eren, Levi, Mikasa, Jean, Armin, Krista, Annie, Sasha, Bertolt and Reiner.

aot coffee 2

The cans will be available across all of Japan in all convenience stores.