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Kotobukiya Tease New Horror Bishoujo Figure At SDCC

As an amateur figure collector, I like finding a series of figures that I love and I stick with them to get them all. Case in point are the Horror Bishoujo figures from Kotobukiya which look like the pic below. These are from my collection and so far, I have them all.

Left to Right: Jason, Freddy, Edward Scissorhands, Chucky, Tiffany (Bride of Chucky)

So I was intrigued and excited when a friend tagged me on Facebook on a figure that Kotobukiya are teasing at San Diego Comic Con, or just SDCC for short. You can see that one below:

So clearly it’s Ash from the Evil Dead film series and just from the tease, you can already tell it’s going to be amazing!! I’m really hoping that this isn’t an SDCC exclusive and that the pre-orders will open up on the Kotobukiya site soon! With any luck, my collection might be adding another one soon 🙂

New Anime For Pokemon Sun & Moon

The latest Pokemon Sun & Moon games release in Australia on November 18 which I really can’t wait for but even better, I hear that a new anime based on Pokemon Sun & Moon is in the works. Here’s your first look at the new anime which was shown during the Pokemon variety show, Gathering In The Pokemon House?

I don’t know what’s more awesome, the new anime or the fact that Japan has a variety show revolving around Pokemon! The clip shows Ash with a new look and some of the characters he’ll meet in the show. Pikachu’s amazing Z-move is also shown.

Pokemon Sun & Moon the anime commences screening on November 17, 2016.