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Been a while since I’ve done one of these but it’s time for a fresh batch of TV commercials straight from Japan!

Pocky, ramen in a cup, J-Pop songstress Ayumi Hamasaki in a ad for Clash of Queens, a mobile game, am amazing ad for Pocari Sweat, crazy Playstation VR commercial, Y! Mobile with cute cats and loads more. Check out the video, courtesy of YouTuber JPCMHD below!

Mega Man fan game throws in some J-Pop

Mega Man Unlimited is a fan game that has proven to be a labour of love for its creators and recently the game entered into its Alpha phase of testing.

To mark this fantastic milestone, YouTube user  MegaPhilX, has put together the following clip with a distinctive “Japanese style” vibe to it adding some J-Pop courtesy of pop Princess, Ayumi Hamasaki, with “UNITE.”

The game is currently feature complete and is in the QA phase.

Japan Weekly Music Charts 5/11 – 11/11

Time to see what’s been happening on the Oricon music charts in Japan!

Single Weekly Ranking

1. “Kitagawa Kenji” – NMB48 : 11/7 (317,051)

2. THINK ‘BOUT IT! – THE SECOND from EXILE : 11/7 (106,161)

3. “UZA” – AKB48 : 10/31 (45,177)

4. “Answer” – flumpool : 11/7 (34,699)

5. “DT Suteru / Let’s Go ED” – Golden Ixion Bomber DT : 11/7 (23,047)

 Album Weekly Ranking
1. “BEST STORY ~Life stories~” – JUJU : 11/7 (104,869)

2. “BEST STORY ~Love stories~” – JUJU : 11/7 (97,567)

3. “Popcorn” – Arashi : 10/31 (77,636)

4. “LOVE” – Hamasaki Ayumi : 11/8 (64,841)

5. “COVERS 2″ – BENI : 11/7 (50,462)

Music DVD Weekly Ranking

1. “JUMP WORLD 2012″ – Hey! Say! JUMP : 11/7

2. “EIKICHI YAZAWA 40th ANNIVERSARY LIVE: BLUE SKY” – Yazawa Eikichi : 11/7

3. “Sona Pokeism SPECIAL ~Natsu no Jin~ in Nippon Budokan” – Sonar Pocket : 11/7


5. “EXILE TRIBE Nidaime J Soul Brothers VS Sandaime J Soul Brothers Live Tour 2011 ~Keishou~” –Nidaime J Soul Brothers + Sandaime J Soul Brothers : 11/7

Ayumi Hamasaki Will Take To The Stage At “Kishidan Banpaku 2012”

This years marks the 15th anniversary for Kishidan and to celebrate, they’re holding a live concert event called, “Kishidan Banpaku 2012 ‘Boso Rock ‘n’ Roll Olympic”. The event will take place at the Sodegaura Seaside Park in Chiba on September 16th and 17th.

Some of the acts that have already been confirmed are T.M. Rvolution, VAMPS, Koizumi Kyoko and Okamura Yasuyuki with hugely popular J-Pop songstress, Ayumi Hamasaki being the latest name to join the party. Until this event came along, the only event held in the Summer which Ayumi participated in was the a-nation event which runs every year.

Leader of Kishidan, Ayanokoji Sho, who personally requested Ayumi to take part, as such she will be performing on the second day of the event on September 17. Since meeting Ayumi in 2005 at one of Hamasaki’s a-nation events, Ayanokoji had always wanted to work with Ayumi by inviting her to one of their events. It took a while, 7 years, but now that wish is going to be realised.

DJ OZMA had the following to say about the occasion, “Is it true that Ayu-chan is participating? Woah! That’s great! Hot! You did it, Kishidan! Great job, Kishidan! It will be okay even if several tens of thousands of people come! But the event is so lavish that there wouldn’t no profit. Well, well, this is the time to do it with a bang!! From Japan’s #1 diva Hamasaki Ayumi to Japan’s #1 un-Japanese DJ OZMA, we will muster our full forces! Let’s have the world’s sweetest summer at Kishidan Banpaku!!

While Ayumi added, “This is special event for Sho-kun and everybody. I want to help if I can. He gave me a shout and I’m very happy to accept. I think there are many people who haven’t seen us perform together. Like always, we will give our all for the performance.

If anyone is going to be in Japan and want go along, below you’ll find the timetable for the event.

9/16/2012 Opening Performance by DJ OZMA
11:30~ Group Tamashi
12:40~ Sendai Kamotsu
13:50~ Koizumi Kyoko
15:00~ Shonan no Kaze
16:10~ Momoiro Clover S
17:20~ Okamura Yasuyuki
18:30~ Kishidan & more

9/17/2012 Opening Performance by DJ OZMA
11:30~ Golden Bomber
12:40~ Unicorn
13:50~ the GazettE
15:00~ Kishidan
16:40~ T.M.Rvolution
17:50~ VAMPS
19:00~ Hamasaki Ayumi
Closing Performance by Kishidan

My J-Pop interests

I have a fairly eclectic taste in music ranging from Rnb, modern classical, hard trance and now J-Pop. I discovered J-Pop about 2 years ago  through pop starlet, Ayumi Hamasaki. The below short description from Wikipedia:

Ayumi Hamasaki (?? ??? Hamasaki Ayumi, also ?? ?; born October 2, 1978) is a Japanese singer-songwriter and former actress. Also called Ayu by her fans, Hamasaki has been dubbed the “Empress of Pop” because of her popularity and widespread influence in Japan and throughout Asia. Born and raised in Fukuoka, she moved to Tokyo at fourteen to pursue a career in entertainment. In 1998, under the tutelage of Avex CEO Max Matsuura, she released a string of modestly selling singles that concluded with her 1999 debut album A Song for ××. The album debuted atop the Oricon charts and stayed there for four weeks, establishing her popularity in Japan.

Her music, like the rest of J-Pop isn’t to everyone’s satisfaction but one thing it is, is definitely catchy and infectious! I’d love to see her in concert one day as the various videos I’ve seen make it look like quite an experience!! I’ve included a vid below of one of her biggest hits, Fairyland, which was shot somewhere gorgeous. Great song with cool dancing!


Here you’ll see a brief interview with Ayumi Hamaskai as well.


In some future posts I’ll add some clips from the various J-Pop artists that I’ve found along the way from Koda Kumi to AKB48 🙂

J-Pop Preview Mix…about to be posted!

Have had a little time here and there between training for a new job and engrossing myself with the 3DS to do a little work on the J-Pop mix previously mentioned. I have too much music from the same artists namely Ayumi Hamasaki, AKB48 and Koda Kumi so not much variety I’m afraid but this will change soon…will be getting some current J-Pop compilations to add to my library and build on the mix..I do have a J-Dance Mix in the works as well of which I have a larger choice of music. So currently in the J-Pop Preview Mix I added;

  1. Hot Stuff – Koda Kumi
  2. Microphone – Ayumi Hamasaki
  3. River – AKB48
  4. Fairyland – Ayumi Hamasaki

Short and sweet I know but J-Pop is so hard to mix compared to the R&B that I normally mix where the structure is normally 1st verse, chorus, 2nd verse, chorus again then usually an instrumental break which is where the mix would happen. J-Pop is structured a tad different so I had to improvise and add a few loops here and there so the music would lineup properly. Anyways, the mix is being uploaded so I’ll edit this post when it’s done 🙂 For those of you new to the crazy, infectious world of J-Pop, I’ve included clips of the songs below.

Hot Stuff – Koda Kumi

Microphone – Ayumi Hamasaki

River – AKB48


Fairyland – Ayumi Hamasaki