Cosplay Fashion

Bear Lingerie? Only In Japan!

Remember I ran a post about cat lingerie doing the rounds in Japan recently? It seems like more animals are jumping on the sexy lingerie bandwagon as now bear lingerie is a thing in Japan. The lingerie comes with five individual pieces and is called the “Kaizoku Kuma” or Pirate Bear outfit if you please. *Ahem* […]

Pop Culture

Rilakkuma Couch Requires Deep Pockets

Anyone loving cuddly bears from Japan will be a fan of Rilakkuma, the bear whose name is a combination of relax and the Japanese word for bear, kuma. This adorable bear has many fans across the globe and already has a large number of merchandise available for fans. Now, a Japanese furniture maker in Japan, […]


The cutest bear donuts from Japan

Feast your eyes on these absolutely adorable donuts from Japan. These delicious looking and cute bear donuts can be found on the online shopping site, Rakuten for ¥1,580 a box. In the box you’ll find donuts in five different flavours from Hokkaido Pumpkin, Salty Fresh Caramel, Cocoa Chip, Hokkaido Milk and Choc Chip. Just look at the great packaging you […]