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Video Diary: Lunching on the Shinkansen

Some people may not not know that while eating on the public train system in Japan isn’t the in thing, it’s completely accepted on the shinkansen or bullet train service. Even better, on the train platforms that service the shinkansen are kiosks that sell meals designed for the shinkansen. What this means is that they’re small yet packed full of flavour and yummy goodness!

To get a better idea of what I mean, here’s a video I shot a couple of years ago on the shinkansen showing what my wife and I would be eating on the way to Kyoto.

Evangelion Shinkansen Receives Loads Of Goodies

There was a recent crossover collaboration in Japan between highly acclaimed cult classic anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion and, of all things, the Shinkansen service. It gets better with the reveal that travellers on the Evangelion service will also be able to purchase some very cool crossover goodies. Details below!

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Pokemon Bento Box

Now here’s an awesomely cool way to carry your lunch around, whether to work or to school. Amazon Japan have just started taking orders for this Pokemon bento box which consists of a Pokemon sphere bento, a carry bag and a strap to keep it all together.

poke bento 1


The Pokemon bento set will sell for ¥3, 500 while a set of themed chopsticks will set you back ¥1, 000 so you can be totally decked like the Pokemon professional you are.

poke chopsticks

poke bento 2

poke bento 3