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Gamer Girl – Jazz

Time for a Gamer Girl update and it’s the return of a Japandaman favourite. Jazz was the first Gamer Girl we featured and now she makes a welcome return! Just in case you missed her the first time we featured her, here’s a look at that. Apart from being a Playstation gamer, having some amazingly awesome tatts, loving Japan and Star Wars, today (May the 4th) is her birthday! So make sure you swing past her instagram, give her a follow and wish her Happy Birthday!! Enjoy her new gallery below 🙂

Fifth Anniversary Website For Magical Mirai

It’s nearly time for birthday shenanigans of that cutest of vocaloids, Hatsune Miku and Japan is gearing up to celebrate in style. Here’s a really quick teaser clip, from the website, of some of the events in store to mark the 5th anniversary of the Magical Mirai celebrations:

Looks like there’ll be an expo, concert and heaps more fun in store for everyone to help Miku celebrate her birthday. Hatsune Miku: Magical Mirai 2017 will be going down at Makuhari Messe from September 1 through to September 3 this year.

Super Sonico Turns 10

Super Sonico, that eternally kawaii 18 year old had her birthday recently. Not the character turning of age but the date of her creation was October 14, 2006 meaning she’s been around for ten years already…time goes flying! Here’s her birthday greeting which is too cute:

You’ll be able to buy some anniversary goods soon on December 25th like a Super Sonico 10th Anniversary Book which contains 256 pages of full colour A4 sized goodness. It’ll be selling for ¥4, 500. Here’s a look at the cover:


And a peek at a sample page:


And a sample that’s NSFW so I’ll place it down a bit lower:












The pre-order bonus card from Dengekiya:


Now this is mouth wateringly awesome, a Super Sonico 10th Anniversary figure which will sell for ¥13, 800 from KADOKAWA ASCII Media Works. This will be releasing in March 2017.

Here’s the Soni-Ani: SUPER SONICO THE ANIMATION Blu-ray box which chronicles the anime from 2014 including beautiful art cards featuring Super Sonico artwork from character designer Santa Tsuji. Expect to fork over ¥15, 000 for this beauty.


Good Smile Company are also releasing an anniversary figure with price TBC. It’ll be released sometime during 2017.


Vocaloid IA Celebrates Her Birthday

There are quite a few vocaloids in Japan now and all of them have many fans who like to celebrate them, especially when a momentous occasion rolls around like a birthday. Born in 2012, IA is a female vocaloid3 who draws inspiration from Lia from the visual novel, Air. She’s actually one of the vocaloid’s with the most popularity being the first vocaloid3 to attain 1 million views on video sharing site, NicoNico Dougo.


The special day in question was January 25 which was celebrated with a “IA 3 Anniversary Thank you Party – Live & Talk ~” event. The show saw joined by special guests Nanahoshi Kangengakudan, Watanabei Be( Hoff Dylan), models/electro duo models/electro duo Jumicchi, Ishifuro, TeddyLoid, PolyphonicBranch and DOMINO88. Here’s a video posted from the event by IAPROJECT.


For more info, head on over to  http://1stplace.co.jp/works/specialized/ia_3rd/

Doraemon Will Be Born In 100 Years Time

Japanese robotic cat, Doraemon, will be having a birthday…in 100 years time! According to the Doraemon timeline, he was born in a factory on September 3, 2112, so that’s a little under 100 years from now. The cat was the brainchild of Fujiko Fujio, otherwise known as Hiroshi Fujimoto and Motoo Abiko.

Who knows, maybe in 100 years time, Doraemon will be a reality? What do you think?

Astro Boy Turns 60

Hard to believe that the mechanical boy that kick started the whole anime serial movement, Astro Boy, has turned 60. Osama Tezuka launched the adventures of the famous robot boy back in 1952 in post war period manga before hitting the small screen in 1963.

ZC World has decided to help Astro celebrate in fine style by issuing a PVC model of Astro Boy, seen in the gallery below. The figure will be shipped in a wooden box and you can expect him to retail for ¥12,000.

Start checking your favourite importers for this beauty, sure to be a fan favourite.

[AFG_gallery id=’94’]

Happy Birthday Utada Hikaru

J-Pop starlet, Utada Hikaru, celebrated her 29th birthday yesterday and the fans let her know they were thinking of her by flooding her personal website with birthday wishes and congratulations. Funnily enough though, her website didn’t make mention of what she was doing for her special day as she’s been on time off since August 2010.

Via Twitter last month, she celebrated 13th anniversary on stage and went so far as to tweet, “Yesterday was the 13th anniversary of my debut! Even though I have been on hiatus for a year already, I received a lot of congratulations, thank you so much.”

Eager fans wanting to know what she has been up to have been met with replies ranging from living the normal life through to paying the dentist a visit to get her teeth cleaned.

Utada is one of Japan’s highest sellers, and example being of her topping the Oricon charts 7 times during November back in 2010.

Happy birthday, Utada!