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Bravely Default Sequel Is Coming

Bravely Default has only just been released for the 3DS but we hear via the Jump publication in Japan that a sequel is already in the works from Square Enix. The sequel which carries the title, Bravely Second, has been announced as being in the works but no possible release date was hinted at. Not much is known about the follow up apart from the inclusion of a new character called Magnolia who has silver hair.


Bravely Default Coming To The West Is Possible

One of the newest and original titles that Square Enix have released recently looked like it would not be leaving Japan and gamers in the West would be missing out on an awesome, unique experience.


During the recent Game Developers Conference, a Western release of Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, an RPG for the 3DS, seemed to be on the cards. Although this has yet to be confirmed by Square Enix themselves, Siliconera spoke with several trusted sources at the GDC who dropped hints that yes, it will come to the West.

Silicon Studio’s game is similar to Final Fantasy titles by having a battle and job system similar to games in that series. Silicon Studio are also the team responsible for 3D Dot Game Heroes. Once we hear of official confirmation from SE, we’ll let you know about it.

Bravely Default Off To Flying Start

Keeper of sales tracking, Media Create, have begun to release some figures for two eagerly anticipated games for the 3DS. Spiritual successor to Final Fantasy IV, Bravely Default Flying Fairy, has managed to sell through a staggering 141, 529 copies in its first week accounting for 85.68% of the initial shipment.

Another title with much clout behind it coming from three heavyweights, Sega, Capcom and Namco Bandai, Project X Zone, hasn’t gone as well. Media Create has reported that 85,539 copies were shifted which adds up to 57.55% of its shipment. To add salt to the wound, 70% of sales were from pre-orders which actually translates to not many copies selling after the initial rush from fans was over.

This is particularly disappointing for this title coming from such a rich heritage, here’s hoping sales pick up and this won’t deter other developers from teaming up and producing more cross over titles.

Flying Fairy Demo Hits eShop On Wednesday

Lucky owners of Japanese 3DS units, fire them up for the 5th installment in the Bravely Default Flying Fairy demo series, the last installment hits the 3DS eShop this Wednesday. This demo will also have all the past demos but will also see bundled Abilink and the Noruwend Village Recovery system as well as Friend Summons.


The Noruwend Village Recovery system will allow you to pick up hits via StreetPass, where these new friends will appear in the village as new residents. From the demo, you’ll be able to port over 20 of these friends to the final copy of the game allowing you to continue the adventure.

Better be quick as once this demo goes online, all the past Flying Fairy demos will be removed from the eShop.

Bravely Default Flying Fairy Packaging

A bit behind I know but I finally got around to putting up the box art for the next Square Enix classic, Bravely Default Flying Fairy. This is one game that is looking absolutely amazing, can’t wait to get my hands on this one. Until then though, I’ll have to contend myself with the box art below, hopefully we’ll get lucky and see a demo on the Australian eShop like Japan did?

Bravely Default Collectors Pack (3DS)

Not content with being an eagerly anticipated title for the 3DS, Flying Fairy Bravely Default from Square Enix now has one of the best collector packs available for it about to hit the market.

The Ultimate Bravely Default Collectors Pack will feature the game (no brainer!), the soundtrack, an art book featuring pieces of art work from the game, an original case to protect the 3DS and an awesome life sized AR poster. In fact, the last three items will not be sold separately.

The Collectors Pack will retail for ¥12,800 which is double the price of the stand alone game at ¥6,090 and it will available exclusively through the  Square Enix e-Shop.

Start drooling…now…

Bravely Default Flying Fairy Video Preview

Square Enix have released a new video for Bravely Default: Flying Fairy showing off some mighty impressive cut scenes mixed with some CGI that will look amazing on the 3DS.

This game has an impressive pedigree with the director, Takashi Tokita, having held duties on both Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy. He’ll be following a story set out by Naotaka Hayashi who was responsible for Steins; Gate.

The story centres around some interesting characters who follow justice and duty to the letter as well as having two heroines from two different sides in a rebellion.

Simply amazing…


Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Dated

The next big title for the 3DS bound for the 3DS, Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, has finally being given a release date.

Bravely Default will see the light of day on October 11 in Japan, if this date sounds familiar, it’s because another big game, Project X Zone, is also coming out on the same day.

Unfortunately just like that other title, there is no release date outside of Japan but fingers crossed.

Bravely Default Demo Hitting The Eshop

Square Enix have confirmed that their next big original title for the 3DS, Bravely Default Flying Fairy, will have a demo available for download from the 3DS eShop on Wednesday February 29.

The demo will have the name of “Bravely Default Demo Vol.1 Crystal Maiden Vol.” The demo will also include a new AR movie which is different to the one seen at the game’s announcement a while back.

Square Enix have announced that this demo will be the first in a series that will allow the gamer to explore the game world, the different gameplay systems and of course the characters.

As well as all this, the game’s official site was given an overhaul with new content which you can have a look at here. There’s a new trailer to have a look at as well.