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Video Diary: Lunching on the Shinkansen

Some people may not not know that while eating on the public train system in Japan isn’t the in thing, it’s completely accepted on the shinkansen or bullet train service. Even better, on the train platforms that service the shinkansen are kiosks that sell meals designed for the shinkansen. What this means is that they’re […]


Suntory Beer X Shinkansen Collaboration

Yep, time for another Japan collaboration. This time, it’s between alcohol manufacturer Suntory and the high speed rail train, the shinkansen. The collaboration will see twelve special edition cans adorned with artwork featuring different shinkansen with some iconic Japanese landscapes and scenery. Let’s see a breakdown of the cans below: Source: Rocket News

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Evangelion Shinkansen Receives Loads Of Goodies

There was a recent crossover collaboration in Japan between highly acclaimed cult classic anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion and, of all things, the Shinkansen service. It gets better with the reveal that travellers on the Evangelion service will also be able to purchase some very cool crossover goodies. Details below!

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Want To Rent A Bullet Train For A Whole Day?

Yep, you read that right. Thanks to JR Kita Kyushuu who are now holding a contest in Japan where the lucky winner will be able to ‘rent’ a shinkansen for a whole day. The competition is called “DREAM Kyusyuu Shinkansen (DREAM Kyushuu Bullet Train)” and to enter, participants need to write down what their dream is if they […]