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The Japandaman Female 2018 Cosplay Calendar

A few of you who frequent this site may also follow me on my various social media platforms and if you do then you’ll be aware that I’ve been posting pics of myself with cosplayers alluding to some secret squirrel business for the past few months. Well, the time has come to reveal what all of us have been working on and I give you *ahem* The Japandaman female Cosplay Calendar 2018!

Here’s just a sample of the awesome pics that you can expect in the calendar:

The calendar itself will have pre-orders open soon, keep watching this space for that announcement. And we also have a Patreon running where you can get the whole experience of what’s gone into the making of this cosplay calendar. There’s behind the scenes footage, interviews, exclusive digital prints and loads more. We have different tiers available so if you’d like to become Patron then we have there’s one for you.

All this is to help fund season two of our TV show It’s Japan, Man so we can keep bringing this cool content to you! Here’s the Patron link for you to check out: PATREON LINK

We sincerely hope that you like what you see, everyone involved has had an amazing time putting it together and it’s turned out to be an amazing experience with new friendships being made šŸ™‚

Life Size Love Plus Girls

Well, kinda. The post heading is a tad misleading as what it’s alluding to is if you want some more…hands on time with your digital girlfriend, thanks to Konami you now can. Konami Style has released these ful length calendars onto their website, each one having that particular girlfriend’s birthday marked on it so you have no excuses for not remembering.

The price tag on each of these beauties isĀ Ā„8,400 each measuringĀ 580x1800mm so they’re a decent size and will look great in any Otaku bedroom. The three girls,Ā Nene, Manaka and Rinko, are ready to be picked up from Konami Style.