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Tokyo Treat Unboxing April

I was really excited to do this unboxing, this is my first regular monthly unboxings that you’ll see around here. It’s from Tokyo Treat, a Tokyo based company that sends you out Japanese candy, snacks and goodies on a monthly subscription service. I’ve always wanted to sign up to one of these and three¬†things swayed me towards Tokyo Treat.

  1. They’re based in Japan so I know I’m getting the authentic snacks I love and not some rebadged local version from a different country, and
  2. FREE SHIPPING! The prices are in US so I’m already losing a bit when converting to AU and lastly…
  3. They were having a special code for their 1 year anniversary which gives you a lifetime $5 discount from their Premium box which brings it down to $US29.95. Still a bargain when you convert to AU and did I mention FREE SHIPPING!?

I found the service to be very speedy as I wasn’t expecting the box until the end of April and I received it on April 12 after it shipped from Japan on March 25. Anyways, I’m waffling on…here’s the unboxing!

Monster Hunter Gummies!

Popular candy maker, Uha, has scored a coup and a half by being officially licensed to release a line of gummy candies based on Monster Hunter Tri 3G.

Called Hunter Meshi which is a joint venture between Ninja Meshi and Monster Hunter 3G, they’re gummy goodness for ‘modern day hunters’.

Once you crack open the box you’ll find a range of flavoured energy drinks gummies with a Monster Hunter theme as you can see in the gallery below.

Keep an eye out for these in early summer for Japan.

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