Samurai Captain America

Now this I’m really excited for! It’s the latest figure from Bandai in their Manga Reimagined series. They previously released both Spider-Man and Iron Man and now the newest figure to receive the samurai treatment is Captain America. I previously bought both superheroes in the series and I can’t wait for Cap to be released. […]

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Captain America/Iron Man Ramen Hits Japan

Looks like the latest entry into the MCU, Captain America: Civil War, is such a juggernaut of success that it’s spilled over into mainstream Japan as well. Ramen chain,¬†Ippudo, teamed up with Marvel to release two special ramen bowls. One themed as Captain America and the other themed as Iron Man. They both look equally […]


Civil War Trailer For Japan

One thing that always amuses me but I love at the same time, is how dramatic Japan seems to love their movies. Case in point is this trailer for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie, no new footage as such but check out the accompanying soundtrack in the trailer! That’s none other than¬†Atsushi […]