Japan Pop Culture

Cats With Mouse Ears In Japan

An app is seeping through Japan at the moment and no, it isn’t Pokemon Go. Well, that app is also creating a buzz but I digress. The app is called Cymera and is proving to be quite popular with animal owners in Japan. The app is from SK Communications, a South Korean based company, and quite […]

Fashion Pop Culture

Silent Kitten Slippers

Who doesn’t want a pair of these slippers, am I right? *put hand up* How cute are they? Coming to your from manufacturer  Felissimo are these adorable slippers adorned with even cuter kitties on them. The manufacturer is even saying that they’ll give you ninja like sneaking abilities just like felines. Even better is, you can […]

Figures Pop Culture

Gashapon Cat Toys Come To Japan

Capsule toy machines, or gashpaon, are huge in Japan and can literally be found everywhere. There are heaps of random treasures to be found from anime characters, Hello Kitty variations, limited edition keyrings and loads more. They’re extremely addictive though as you try and collect each item from any set and being that they’re usually […]

Cosplay Fashion

Bear Lingerie? Only In Japan!

Remember I ran a post about cat lingerie doing the rounds in Japan recently? It seems like more animals are jumping on the sexy lingerie bandwagon as now bear lingerie is a thing in Japan. The lingerie comes with five individual pieces and is called the “Kaizoku Kuma” or Pirate Bear outfit if you please. *Ahem* […]

Events Food

Cat Day Celebrated With Donuts In Japan

Cats are very loved in Japan so much so that they have a National Day all for themselves. A few days on February 22nd was Cat Day and what better way to celebrate than with some amazingly delicious donuts from Ikumi Mama Animal Doughnuts. Just for you trivia buffs, August 8 is International Cat Day while February […]


Umbrella In Japan Makes Rain Kawaii

Leave it up to the smart people of Japan to invent a way of turning something mundane into an eye opener. There’s a new umbrella on the market that makes the simple act of using an umbrella when raining, a fun activity. As water hits the umbrella, the water sensitive, yet waterproof fabric, begins to […]


Cats & Heart Shaped Glasses. Enough Said.

Just a simple video of a pair of cats from Japan wearing heart shaped glasses while lazing in the sun. We just love how peaceful they look, completely unfazed by the specs.

Anime Pop Culture

Attack on Titan. With cats.

Ever wondered what the opening of popular anime, Attack on Titan, would like with cats? I’m sure you have, which is why this clip was uploaded to YouTube, complete with blue screen effects and walking cats. Yep, walking cats as Titans. Check it out below.

Events Japan

27th Annual Nyan Nyan Nyan Day For Japan

Cats are popular around the world especially so in Japan where they celebrate Cat Day or as its known, Nyan Nyan Nyan Day. February 22nd marked the 27th annual cat day for Japan with approximately 10 million felines living in people’s homes which makes Japan one of the highest cat owning populations per capita. Japan has cat […]