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Pokemon Bento Box

Now here’s an awesomely cool way to carry your lunch around, whether to work or to school. Amazon Japan have just started taking orders for this Pokemon bento box which consists of a Pokemon sphere bento, a carry bag and a strap to keep it all together.

poke bento 1


The Pokemon bento set will sell for ¥3, 500 while a set of themed chopsticks will set you back ¥1, 000 so you can be totally decked like the Pokemon professional you are.

poke chopsticks

poke bento 2

poke bento 3

Which otaku wouldn’t want Sailor Moon chopsticks?

Another envy inspiring product is on the horizon from Premium Bandai which ties up with a well loved series. In commemoration of the new Sailor Moon anime (no news on that), they’ve released a new range of products called the “Pretty Guradian Sailor Moon DX My Hashi Collection.”

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What makes up this collection are three sets of chopsticks which draw inspiration from various weapons seen in Sailor Moon, they are the Moon Stick (Sailor Moon), Cutie Moon Rod (Sailor Moon R), and Pink Moon Stick (Sailor Moon S). The Premium site has begun to take pre-orders for this ultra cool set which will set you back ¥1,575, they begin to ship them out in March 2014.