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Christmas Drinks From Starbucks Japan

If it’s one thing that Japan does extremely well is theme for the occasion and Christmas is no exception. Starbucks Japan always releases holiday themed drinks whether it’s for Halloween, Spring or any other reason worth celebrating. And this instance, Starbucks have released some themed drinks which look and sound absolutely delicious!

Feast your eyes on these Candied Pistachio and the Christmas Raspberry Mocha Frappucinos.

How much does this look like Christmas? The red sprinkles just make it look so festive and just like a holiday.

The Christmas Raspberry Mocha Frappucino is nicely complimented with a chocolate base, sweet and sour raspberry jelly, chocolate whipped cream and with a light sprinkling of raspberry powder. Normally I wouldn’t go near Starbucks for coffee and really…it normally isn’t the best but their themed drinks are always yummy and worth experiencing so if you’re in Japan, these are available right now!

Source: RocketNews


Sorry for the lateness in this vlog…much sleep was needed. This is from Xmas Day where we went to Shibuya to say hello to Hachiko, the loyal canine, do some shopping and just have a look around and be gobsmacked at the awesomeness that is Shibuya. Then at night, we went to Roppongi Hills to check out the Illuminations spectacle (it’s so pretty!)

Giant Pon De Ring For Mister Donut Christmas In Japan

Mister Donut make really delicious and addictive donuts in Japan and they always seem to be having special edition donuts depending on what season it is. This trend is definitely continuing now that Christmas is around the corner with the news that the donut franchise will be having a special release very soon.

Coming in at a massive 18cm diameter, the “Big Donut“ which is built around their popular Pon de Ring donut will be available from November 16 this year.


It even sells with a really cute Pon de Ring snowman right in the centre for that special touch. It comes layered with whipped cream, powdered sugar and chocolate. Each of the eight segments which make up the donut has a random mixture of strawberry cream, whipped cream, custard cream or chocolate whipped cream. I think I got diabetes just from reading all that.

Like all the best things in Japan however, it’s only available via a pre-order and will sell for ¥864.


These next donuts though require no pre-order and look just as yummy!



Check out those Snoopy donuts!

Special Xmas Coke Bottles For Japan

Christmas in Japan is always a special time and 2016 looks set to be no different with the news that the Coca Cola Company will be joining in the festive spirit. They’re releasing special Coke bottles that have a removable label that ties itself into a very Xmas looking bow!


To see this amazing trick in action, check out the video below:

The bottles will be the 500ml variety of both normal Coke and Coke Zero and if you buy 2 bottles, you’ll also receive a pair of fuzzy socks.


So very cool and snazzy!

They go on sale from November 7th and will sell for ¥140.

Free Madoka Christmas Game Online

Madoka fans (you know who you are), here’s something new for the festive season to tide you over and keep you amused. The popular freemium browser based game, Madoka Magica Online, has had a festive makeover, just in time for the holidays. The game has had a new Christmas quest thrown in and 5 SS goodies coming from the boss and chests seen in the game.

madoka online 1


madoka online 2


And some Madoka Christmas goodness!

madoka xmas girls 1


madoka xmas girls 2


madoka xmas girls 3


madoka xmas girls 4

Christmas Happy Meal From Japan Features Mario

Japan always gets the coolest toys and these ones this from McDonald’s are no exception. The toy collection below are part of the Happy Meals promotion this year for Christmas which feature Nintendo’s Mario in various poses and with assorted props. There are new ones released over 2 weeks and yes, they’re really cute!

mario happy meal 1
Launches November 23

mario happy meal 2
Launches November 29


Christmas In Japan: KFC Style!

During Xmas time in Japan, KFC is heavily promoted as the meal of choice for that special night or day. The promotion seems to have worked as most Japanese people have embraced the Western fast food chain, creating massive queues normally reserved for the release of a new Pokemon game.

Thanks to video blogger, TheJapanChannelDcom, we can see what exactly goes on during this festive time of the year.

AKB48 Promote Xmas In Japan

The powerhouse that is AKB48, Japan’s most successful and largest girl group, have participated in a couple of videos to promote the spirit of Christmas in Japan.

First up, we have the girls performing “Totteoki Christmas” decked out as Santa’s little helpers complete with Christmas tree and falling snow!

“Totteoki Christmas” – AKB48

Second we have a promotional clip that the girls did for 7-11 where they showcase the yummy confectionary they have on offer for the season.

7-11 Xmas Promotions