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New Trailer For Mobile Police Patlabor Live-Action Film Chapter 2

The Next Generation -Patlabor-, the live action movie, has released a trailer for the next chapter in the live action adaptation set for Japan. The second chapter will hold both the 2nd and 3rd episodes of the new series and features shots of the AV-98 Ingram in all its CGI glory.

The first installment containing episodes 0 and 1 will be hitting up Japan tomorrow on April 5th. This new chapter will be screening across Japanese cinemas on May 31st for 2 weeks only. Now that’s a limited run!

Gintama draws movie goers

Anime and manga series, Gintama, has seen its 2nd cinematic movie release recently on July 6th and the Japanese public have reacted by taking it to 4th place on the charts. Gintama: The Movie: The Final Chapter: Be Forever Yorozuya took in ¥281,859,900 which translates to 221,469 fans flocking to the cinema in its first weekend. However since the release and as of August 1st, that number had grown to in excess of 1 million movie goers attending their local cinema.


By doing so, it has broken the record of the previous Gintama movie which saw 860,000 fans seeing the 2010 movie, Gintama: Shinyaku Benizakura-Hen, for the same period. To mark the box office success, Japanese cinemas will begin handing out commemorative postcards containing a message from the manga creator, Hideaki Sorachi.

Japan To Get First 4D Cinema

We’ve seen 2D movies for years and for the past few, we’ve been experiencing the wave of 3D movies but now Japan is going to up the ante with the opening of the first 4D cinema.

The cinema will employ the 4DX System which utilise humidity, strobes, aromas, motion, bubbles plus other audio-visual stimulation. The cinema us being launched by the chain of cinemas called Korona World in Nagoya City on April 26. The seats in the cinema have the ability to be programmed with motion control to replicate what’s happening on the screen. The audience will also be able to experience wind and light effects as well as different scents.


These are conveyed via a panel situated at the front of the audience which is able to control the lights, sounds, aromas and more. they’ll have 1000 scents at their disposal to create the illusion of being part of the movie. The ceiling has various machines attached to it which can reproduce bubbles which can gently float down to the audience.

A spokesperson from Korona World had the following statement, “With the 4DX system, we can stimulate all five senses, allowing movie-goers a personal connection with the film. We think this will be a completely new way of enjoying movies. We are hoping customers will be able to feel a realism that enhances the excitement and wonderfulness of movies.”

The first movie that will be screened in the cinema will be the upcoming “Iron Man 3”.

Dragon Ball Z Cleans Up On The Weekend

We recently reported on the eve of the first Dragon Ball Z movie in 17 years and the anticipation and expectation that this movie would perform well at the box office.

dbz battle of gods

Well, those fears can be put to bed with the movie, Dragon Ball Z: Kami to Kami (“Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods”), opening up on the past weekend in Japan and raking in the cash. The film opened on March 30th across 312 screens taking in ¥683,925,000 or approximately $US7.1 million. In terms of how many people saw the film in its opening weekend, that translates to 561,098 eager DBZ fans who flocked to the cinemas. The movie also marks the first film to be shown in digital IMAX in Japan.

Speaking with Toei, the compadbz charactersny behind the movie, they’re expecting to movie to go on and make ¥3 billion, that’s a lot of DBZ fans however it’s entirely possible this will happen with this opening weekend completely eclipsing the figure the last two One Piece movies took in.

Word on the street is that the movie itself is actually quite good although some viewers have been heard reporting that there’s quite a lot of comedy and not so many of the over the top fight sequences that the series is revered for. But one thing that everyone agreed on was that the movie looked gorgeous with both artwork and colour, this is being helped along by the advancements in animation over the past 17 years.

Steins;Gate Anime Movie Trailer

Fans of Steins;Gate will be pleased with the announcement by Kadokawa that a new two minute trailer has been released for the soon to be released, Steins;Gate Fuka Ryoiki no déjà-vu, the feature film which hits cinemas in Japan on April 20.

Steins;Gate 3

Kanji Wakabayashi, who normally occupies the role of storyboard artist, has stepped up into the director’s role while Jukki Hanada will be delivering the script. Two directors of the tv show, Hiroshi Hamasaki and Takuya Sato, will be returning as Chief Directors. Below you’ll be able to check out the trailer for yourselves.

New Ghost In The Shell Arise Preview

The Anime Contents Expo has already shown a few cool things like the proto-tachikoma design and Microsoft Surface co-promotion but this was something else that fans were waiting for.

A new promo clip was unveiled for the upcoming Ghost in the Shell: Arise OVA which will see the premiere of the first part in Japanese cinemas on June 22nd before being released on Blu-Ray.

Man Caught Taping Nanoha A In Cinema

In an ironic twist, a 38 year old police sergeant from the Express Way Traffic Police Unit Highway was arrested by the FukushimaPrefectural police. The arrest occurred after he was suspected of recording the anime movie, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha the Movie 2nd A, not once, not twice but three times!


The police sergeant had on his person a portable music player along with a digital camera when he went along to see the movie at Fukushima City and Sendai City in both July and August this year. It was the staff in the Fukushima cinema who first suspected something wasn’t quite right on August 23rd. They confiscated his equipment and reported the incident to the Kufkushima Police.

In response to the allegations, the police sergeant at the centre of the incident had the following to say, “I recorded it only to watch at my home. Without much thought, I believed it won’t bother anyone.”

As a result of his actions, the Fukushima police docked his pay for the month by 10%.