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Japan Club Nintendo receives Luigi soundtracks

Nintendo is full steam ahead with this year, 2013, being designated the Year of Luigi. Club Nintendo next week will start offering a soundtrack cd containing 30 tracks from the games Luigi has starred in as well as his own themes.

Down below you can see some of the artwork from the different sleeves for the cd’s, Nintendo Sound Selection Vol.3 Luigi and Mario & Luigi RPG Sound Selection.

Club Nintendo Japan Receives Colours For 3DS XL Cradles

In yet another reason why Japan is awesome, the Japanese Club Nintendo will be offering different coloured 3DS XL, or LL, charging cradles in exchange for points earned by purchasing and registering selected Nintendo titles.

The photo below shows the different colours on offer which are red, blue, yellow, green and white. You can have a look at what else is on offer on the Japan Club Nintendo site here.

3ds coloured cradles

Club Nintendo Offers Mario & Luigi 3DS Pouches

Feast your eyes on these beautiful pouches used to carry and protect your 3DS which are available through the Japanese Club Nintendo site for a measly 250 points each, bargain and they look hot.

I checked the Australian Club Nintendo, no dice and I’d be surprised if we did get them to be honest. But if you have a Japanese friend with points and they owe you a favour, I know what I’d be asking them for. Aren’t they amazing?

[AFG_gallery id=’59’]


Japanese Club Nintendo 3DS Units

I blogged a while back about the special 3DS units that Club Nintendo of Japan are offering via a raffle system which some one can enter by buying any two selected games and registering the game’s code. Nintendo will then choose lucky gamers at random to receive one of the 3DS units of their choosing. There have been 1000 allocated for Japan and we have since learnt that there are are also 1000 allocated for Australia.

Well today some pics of the in units in the wild, so to speak, have begun to surface of lucky Japanese gamers that have begun to receive their limited editions already and don’t they look amazing. Fingers crossed, we score one too!


[AFG_gallery id=’56’]

Club Nintendo Australia Gets Some Great Goodies

One of the better items to appear as a Club Nintendo reward were the 3DS units themed in different colours and skins as seen below. They’re available in Mario, Toad and Peach colours.

They’re not just up for grabs though, there is a small competition to make it fair for everyone. You have to buy 2 eligible 3DS games and register them on the Club Nintendo website. You’ll also be receiving a code to redeem Kid Icarus as part of the 3D Classics series which is a great bonus, I love that game.

Each person will be allowed to enter up to three times each meaning you’ll need to buy 6 games but still since most games that have been released are eligible, you won’t have to look very far for games to buy. The competition doesn’t finish until the end of March so you have some time to save those pennies if you want to pick up 6 games.

There’s 50 of each variety and when you enter you’ll be able to choose which one you want if you’re lucky enough to win. Think you’re game enough to win all three? Click on the links below for further information.

Club Nintendo Site Link

More info

Club Nintendo Japan Gives Goodies Away

The Japanese Club Nintendo Premium members will be in for a treat this year with a swag of great freebies. First up, they’ll be getting a “Dot Mario cushion” as seen below.


However, if the cushion isn’t their sort of thing, they can have their choice of a set of two table calendars or they can select two soundtracks cd’s from a choice of five. That’s a great deal!

But if you can’t make up your mind with the awesome selection on hand and you also happen to have points just burning a hole in your virtual pocket, then you can opt to receive a second and third freebie at 400 points a pop each.

I wonder what Australia will get?