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Christmas Drinks From Starbucks Japan

If it’s one thing that Japan does extremely well is theme for the occasion and Christmas is no exception. Starbucks Japan always releases holiday themed drinks whether it’s for Halloween, Spring or any other reason worth celebrating. And this instance, Starbucks have released some themed drinks which look and sound absolutely delicious!

Feast your eyes on these Candied Pistachio and the Christmas Raspberry Mocha Frappucinos.

How much does this look like Christmas? The red sprinkles just make it look so festive and just like a holiday.

The Christmas Raspberry Mocha Frappucino is nicely complimented with a chocolate base, sweet and sour raspberry jelly, chocolate whipped cream and with a light sprinkling of raspberry powder. Normally I wouldn’t go near Starbucks for coffee and really…it normally isn’t the best but their themed drinks are always yummy and worth experiencing so if you’re in Japan, these are available right now!

Source: RocketNews

Video Diary – Vending Machines In Japan

One thing that Japan has loads of are vending machines, primarily selling drinks but they also sell an assortment of different items as well. There are reported to be one vending machine per twenty people so they’re literally everywhere. One thing that fascinated me before I went to Japan for the first time was watching videos on YouTube of people using and videoing their experiences with these vending machines.

So I decided to make my own video and show the different machines that I found in different parts of Tokyo and also to show what types of drinks you can find in them.

Depending on what time of the year you go, you can find cold drinks, hot drinks or both in different vending machines.

Attack On Titan Straps With Coffee

Great news for anime fans who also have a taste for the coffee in a can, Wonda, sold in Japan. Asahi Soft Drinks has teamed up with hit series, Attack on Titan, to produce some limited edition cans that come with some very cool AoT straps for your phone or any other piece of tech.

aot coffee 1

The promo kicks off on January 7 and will be for the 185g variety cans of “Wonda: Gold Black – Kin no Mutou (Gold Non-sugar)”.  The cans will come with a 3-way character strap with one of ten different AoT characters. What makes it 3-way is it allows you to use it as a charm, phone strap or pin jack. The characters that are a part of the campaign are Eren, Levi, Mikasa, Jean, Armin, Krista, Annie, Sasha, Bertolt and Reiner.

aot coffee 2

The cans will be available across all of Japan in all convenience stores.

Anime inspired coffees

In yet another reason why Japan is the place to be for Otakus of any kind, now we have news of a woman inspired by animes to create some artwork in cafe lattes.

The artist’s name is  Sugi otherwise known as Nowtoo and you can catch more of her work on her Instagram feed. Keeping in mind that the creation only exists for a fleeting moment until someone drinks it or stirs some sugar in, she shows an amazing amount of dedication to her craft.

latte art

You can also see more of her on her YouTube channel where there are clips actually showing how the works were created. Each painstaking stroke has been captured so you can really appreciate how much effort and time has gone into it. You can catch a video below of her bringing Naruto to life.