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Bravely Default Collectors Pack (3DS)

Not content with being an eagerly anticipated title for the 3DS, Flying Fairy Bravely Default from Square Enix now has one of the best collector packs available for it about to hit the market.

The Ultimate Bravely Default Collectors Pack will feature the game (no brainer!), the soundtrack, an art book featuring pieces of art work from the game, an original case to protect the 3DS and an awesome life sized AR poster. In fact, the last three items will not be sold separately.

The Collectors Pack will retail for ¥12,800 which is double the price of the stand alone game at ¥6,090 and it will available exclusively through the  Square Enix e-Shop.

Start drooling…now…

Collector Pack For Streetfighter X Tekken

Capcom have released some images from the special collector pack for Streetfighter X Tekken and it looks like a great collectible. The collector pack will coincide with the release of the standard edition on March 8 and will come packaged with a 2 disc 46 track soundtrack, the World Warrior Pack DLC and an art book called Character Art Collection spanning 44 pages. The World Warrior Pack will be featuring in game gems which you can use on your character to give them special boosts and extra power during battle.







The Standard Edition will be priced at ¥6,090 while the version you’re looking at here will set you back ¥8,300, not bad. As a bonus, if you buy it from Capcom Online, you’ll receive a bonus desktop calendar which looks great and features a move chart so you can master all the characters.