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The times of Anime Streaming: A look at the different platforms available to Aus/NZ fans!

If you are an anime fan there is no doubt that we are living in what I would consider ‘the Golden era’. We are currently living in the time where we are able to access all the latest and greatest anime directly from Japan. Thanks to the wonders of technology and streaming platforms gone are the days where we would have to rely on trips down to the local video store (fun fact: they don’t even exist anymore) to get out a singular DVD (or if you are my age a VCR tape) to watch a grand maximum of three episodes and then having to wait at least three months (if not more) to get the next episodes. With the release of Funimation streaming service here in Australia and New Zealand I figured it would be the perfect time to take a look at some of our legal anime streaming providers here in Australia and New Zealand.


To me this was the original streaming platform that provided us anime fans with the access to all the anime we could get our hands on. Crunchyroll has become the ‘King Kong’ in the anime streaming industry with allowing fans access to all the latest anime directly streaming on their site. With the many choices for fans to choose from the only downfall with this service is if you are a dub fan there are not many choices for fans, if any at all. The app itself on your mobile device is decent. It allows you to stream directly onto your device and is pretty straightforward for the occasional viewer. Streaming through the website is good, but not great. It does get complicated at times, as well as the quality of videos do not stream as well as it should. Having Crunchroll is in my opinion vital. It does cost more than it’s competitors, however you are definitely getting your value for money in regards to simulcasts from Japan.
I rate this service 4/5


This is the service to own in Australia and New Zealand. If you want reliable and easy to access anime then look no further than AnimeLab. This service is the first streaming platform from Madman Entertainment and it has delivered exactly what they promoted. The web and app layouts make it super easy and user friendly for anyone to use. AnimeLab had recently added movies to their websites adding titles such as ‘The Girl Who Leapt Through Time’, Children Who Chase Lost Voices’ and ‘Wolf Children’ to name a few make this a service to rival any other streaming service. The beauty of AnimeLab is that they have been adding classics that have not been seen on other legal anime streaming platforms such as the much acclaimed ‘Death Note’ that make them stand out from the rest. The addition of the latest anime of simulcast season is the thing to note as in recent times it has been slow, but the latest titles that have been added are some that are not to be missed. Although their library seems to be small now, the anime is adding up onto the site thanks to additions of classic and well as new titles. It is very affordable for people that might be interested in taking on a premium membership.
I rate this service 4.5/5


The latest anime streaming site to join the battle royale of streaming sites in Australia. This is the go to place for dubs, no question about it. If you are a dub fan then this is the site you need to invest in. With the Crunchyroll partnership the site is working on producing more dubs for fans and aiming to have dubs being released the same day as it is being released in Japan. The latest title to take on this challenge is ‘My Hero Academia’ season two which is now currently streaming on Funimation. The layout on both the website and mobile app is unfortunately very confusing, it is very difficult for fans to find shows and also the catalogue offered to Australia/New Zealand fans is not the same as offered to the U.S market. As it is a new service it will definitely take time to establish, but they are definitely giving their competitors a run for their money, as they are currently the cheapest service.
I rate this service 3/5

I could discuss Netflix into this mix, however as I wanted to focus mainly on the streaming platforms that are purely dealing with anime, it would not seem right. Netflix is offereing some shows that are currently not available on other streaming platforms but their catalogue at this present time is small. They would benefit if they had longer running series such as ‘Hunter X Hunter’ or even ‘One Piece’ to make them stand out from the rest. As an anime fan we have no right to complain anymore about not having access to anime. Most of these platforms offer their fans anime for free and all in HD quality. I use all three (four if I count Netflix) and it is because of having these platforms that it is making me a better fan. Rather than fans turning towards pirating anime, we should be turning towards these sites and supporting them. By supporting them, we are supporting the anime industry. Give it a go, let us know in the comments what platform you use and why.

(Names will link you directly to the streaming platforms should you want to check them out!)

Your Anime 2016/2017 Viewing List

You love anime or you probably wouldn’t be reading this right now. But there’s so much that comes out, it’s hard to keep track of everything you want to see or even when they’re due to come out. That’s why this handy list from Crunchyroll will come in handy with planning what you want to watch starting from December 2016 through to February 2017.





Hope this helps out the anime otaku!

First Impressions – Occultic;Nine

Ok, so there’s a lot going on in this very fast paced new season anime: Occultic;Nine…I couldn’t really keep up with everything that was going on 100% but I’ll try and break it down. Just some quick info on this latest anime. The light novel it’s based on is from the creator of Steins;Gate, Chiyomaru Shikura.


Early on, we meet Yūta Gamon, by his own admission, an otaku and a virgin, who runs a paranormal aggregate site called “Kiri Kiri Basara”, a blog which collects all postings and information about new stories involving the occult and the paranormal. He gives each story his own slant and then sits back and hopes the viewers come so he can make money from the various affiliations.


We also meet a really cutie called Ryoka Narusawa who delights in shocking him with her own stun gun. She also happens to be a spirit guide.


Yūta is excited beyond belief when he realises that a young fortune teller and TV celebrity called Miyū Aikawa attends his school. He sets his sights on getting an interview with her to drive traffic to his site.


Meanwhile, in a different part of town, we meet Aria Kurenaino, a practitioner of the dark arts who specialises in placing curses on people provided she has a hair sample and some other information as well.


There are other characters as well that are introduced and slowly start to come together in this first episode but be prepared for some very breakneck speed story telling. I’m not kidding when I say this story moves along at a hectic pace with constant image flashes and name introductions and location changes. No spoilers but the episode finishes rather dramatically on a bit of a cliffhanger.

I know most anime’s deserve at least the first three episodes to be watched before making a final decision on whether you’ll add it to your season viewing and this one is no different. Did I like it? I’m not sure to be honest but do I want to find out what’s going to happen and where it’s going to? Absolutely. In fact, this is one anime that would benefit from a dubbed version if for anything only because there’s a constant barrage of text to read on screen which requires very fast eye movement. I do like the dark tones of the anime and the almost raw look of the art style, it’s quite claustrophobic but I think that may just be me.

Likelihood to keep watching: 70%

Sailor Moon Crystal Sees New Merchandise

Sailor Moon Crystal has only just launched in Japan and around the world via streaming service Crunchyroll and already the first wave of merchandise has hit the streets.

SM 1

Coming straight from Bandai’s Premium online store is the  “Sailor Soldier Tiara Ring” pre-order. There are five different styles and have been modelled after the five different tiaras as worn by the characters in the series. There are pink, blue, red, green, yellow colours with a Swarovski crystal decorating the piece. They’ll set you back ¥11, 340 and will start to being delivered sometime the middle of October.

Crunchyroll Comes To PS Vita

If own a PS Vita, you’ll know how gorgeous the huge AMOLED screen is and how everything comes to life on it. Great news then with the release of the Crunchyroll app for the PS Vita for getting your anime and drama fix on the move. The app from the PSN in North America and South America as of writing but we have our fingers crossed that someone is announced for the Australia PSN…

crunchyroll vita


And here’s the official press release about it.

Crunchyroll premium members can now watch their favorite Anime and Asian drama video content on their PS Vita system. Crunchyroll’s streaming content service is also available on various game consoles, mobile devices, tablets, set-top boxes, connected TVs and more.


“Today, we are delighted to partner with PlayStation to bring Crunchyroll to the PS Vita system,” said Rupert Chen, VP of Engineering at Crunchyroll. “Our company strives to deliver the best quality content for Anime and Asian drama fans whenever and wherever.”


Chen believes that the PS Vita system is an especially suitable platform for Crunchyroll’s streaming content service. “It’s no secret that there is a strong crossover between Anime and gaming. We are pleased to give our audience another way to connect with their favorite shows on the go on a device that they already enjoy on a daily basis.”

Crunchyroll comes to PS Vita

Anime fans will be happy with the following news: anime streaming website of choice, Crunchyroll, is coming to the PS Vita in the form of a downloadable app.


The announcement was made during the recent Anime Expo in the States and while a date for the app wasn’t locked down, it’s something that fans have definitely been clamouring for. Keep it locked to Japandaman for an update on these exciting news and when you can expect to catch some quality anime on the go.

English Dub Voices For Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online is a hugely popular anime about life in the year 2022 revolving around the Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game or VRMMORPG for short. Inside the VRMMORPG, SAO or Sword Art Online is released.

If you’re watching the subbed version, you’re either watching it on Crunchyroll or you’ve downloaded a fansub (naughty, naughty). Either way, if you have a yearning for a dubbed version, then your prayers have been answered as the lead voices were recently named. Kirito will be played by Bryce Papenbrook who also has major roles in Aniplex’s Durarara! and Blue Exorcist.

Cherami Leigh will voice Asuna, Cherami has done Fairy Tail’s Lucy previously.

“AKB0048: Next Stage” Anime Streams On Crunchyroll

Fans of Japanese super girl group AKB48 will be pleased to hear that season 2 of the highly popular anime, AKB0048: next stage, is now streaming on anime website, Crunchyroll.

AKB0048 - 01 - Large 04

The show started streaming yesterday for Premium subscribers but if you don’t have a paid account, don’t feel left out, as the free accounts receive one week later. The anime which features 6 members across the three teams are voiced by Karen Iwata, Mayu Watanabe, Sumire Sato (A), Amina Sato, Sayaka Nakaya (K) and Haruka Ishida (B).

Some of the other members from the AKB family are also featured in the anime with SKE48 Team S member, Kumi Yagami, NMB48 Team M member,Mao Mita and SKE48 Team KII idol, Sawako Hato, all featuring.

If you don’t know what the story’s about, here’s a synopsis from Crunchyroll.

“At the start of the 21st century, an interplanetary war broke out. Earth’s ecosystem was severely damaged, and humanity was forced to flee the planet. On several planets of this new society, things that ‘disturb the heart’ like music and art are forbidden.

Before the people called ‘Idols’ fell into ruin, the legendary idol group AKB48 is resurrected as the interplanetary troupe AKB0048, made up of girls who carry on the title and spirit of the original members. Held as heroines by some and labeled as terrorists by others, they must take up arms to bring their music to their fans wherever they are.”